WooCommerce Newsletter Plugin

Email Marketing for WooCommerce with the CleverReach® Integration

Our CleverReach® email marketing plugin for your WooCommerce online shop makes your customer contact personal!

Make use of the various benefits of the newsletter plugin:

  • Benefit from the bi-directional data exchange between your WooCommerce online shop and our CleverReach® newsletter tool.
  • Create professional newsletters for your customers without any programming skills.
  • Send GDPR-compliant email with our feature-rich and secure email marketing software.
  • Create single-track or multi-level automation workflows for sales promotions, after an abandoned cart (coming in fall 2021) or for reactivating your customers.
  • Tagging allows you to send offers tailored to your subscribers’ preferences.
  • Transfer product details and discount codes directly from your shop to your newsletter.
  • No risks for you through flexible pricing models without a contract term.
Exclusively for WooCommerce customers:
Get 10% off your CleverReach® price plan for 12 months! Your discount is added to your cart automatically when creating a new account.

Note for existing customers: We have released a new plugin version with the features mentioned above. In case you’re already a CleverReach® user of the WooCommerce integration, you’re migrated to the new version v3 without any trouble, there’s no need to sign up again. All WooCommerce customers who have signed up to your newsletter are transferred as active recipients; buyers and other contacts are not synchronized. You can change that at any time after the migration by activating the synchronization of contacts or buyers in the „Settings”.

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Advantages of our Newsletter Plugin

You have a WooCommerce online shop and want to send newsletters to your customers? With the CleverReach® newsletter plugin for WooCommerce our email marketing tool is directly connected with your WooCommerce online shop. The integration continuously and automatically updates all data bi-directionally.

What is a bi-directional synchronization?

This means, data are being synchronized between both systems – regularly and in real-time:

• When contact details change in the CleverReach dataset, this is instantly transferred to WooCommerce as well.
• Newsletter unsubscribes are transferred from CleverReach® to WooCommerce.
• Activities such as purchases or abandoned carts (fall 2021) are transferred from WooCommerce to CleverReach®

Getting Started: Initial Synchronization and Creating Your Recipient List

During the installation (read on for more details) an entire recipient list including data fields, segments and tags is created automatically. These data and tags are helpful when it comes to sending personalized emails. Your customers get offers tailored exactly to their needs. And you? You benefit from more opens, more clicks and more conversions – completely automated due to email automation!

You decide who you want to transfer as “active” before the initial import:

Newsletter subscribers only, buyers, other contacts or simply everyone. The datasets are created as active recipients in a “WooCommerce” list in CleverReach. They get so-called “special tags” attached:

  • Subscribers: all people who have subscribed to your newsletter.
  • Buyers: all people who have purchased something from your shop, including guest buyers.
  • (Other) Contacts: all people who have neither subscribed to your newsletter nor purchased something, i.e. all other people from your database.

Please note: Always collect all your data in compliance with the GDPR!

These Recipient WooCommerce Data are Transferred:

  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribes (transferred with their newsletter status “yes” or “no”)
  • Data fields: details such as first and last name, street, ZIP code, city, state, country, business, shop, etc. are created as data fields.
  • The following order-/purchase details are also created as data fields in the recipient’s data set: last order date, number of orders, total expenses of all orders
  • Purchase details: products, turnover, order number, item number, product name, price, currency, number of orders, total expenses of all orders…
  • Product details of your WooCommerce items such as images, description, price, size, materials…
  • Product Tags from WooCommerce such as product category, manufacturer/brand, characteristics like color etc. are transferred to the recipient data set in CleverReach.

You can return to the plugin settings at any time after the initial synchronization and synchronize further contacts if you like. Find detailed instructions in our help center post„Special Tags and Tag-Based Email Creation Process in Our Integrations“.

Want some Examples?

  • The data field “Number of Orders“ allows you to filter for the number of orders a customer has placed in your shop.
  • Filter your customers by their generated sales with the field “Total Expenses of All Orders”.

Use these details to directly contact customers who have placed more than 50 orders in your shop or have spent more than 1,000 euros in your shop.

  • Use the “Last Order Date“ for email marketing automation workflows to re-engage your customers.

This is your key to more success: your customers buy more stuff more frequently.

Other Helpful Features of the WooCommerce CleverReach Plugin

  • Integration of Content in Your Newsletter 

Use the product search and place shop products including image, description, price, size, material in your email. You can also insert text descriptions and dynamic content in your newsletter.

  • Signup Form

During the installation process a newsletter signup form is automatically created in your CleverReach® account that you can easily integrate in your shop.

  • Subscription during Checkout

Double-Opt in with a CleverReach form in the checkout process – activate it in the „Settings“ tab of the plugin.

The checkbox is then added for the user to the following pages:

    • WooCommerce Registration page,
    • WooCommerce Checkout page,
    • WooCommerce Account settings page,
    • WordPress Registration page,
    • WordPress Admin User Edit page

You can customize the text for the newsletter checkbox individually.

  • Tag-based Email Creation Process 

Special tags make segmentation really straightforward: not only are they created automatically, you can also select the special tags directly in the email creation process.

  • Tags for Targeted Segmentation

Use product categories, product tags, product attributes & manufacturers as tags
Example: A customer buys a pair of black adidas shoes from your shop. They get the following tags:

    • WooCommerce-Category.Shoes
    • WooCommerce-Color.Black
    • WooCommerce-Manufacturer.Adidas

Use tags for a more targeted segmentation, i.e. customized offers for your customers!


The Features of our Email Marketing Tool

Unlike a simple WooCommerce email customizer, that only allows you to change the look of you WooCommerce emails, CleverReach® is a complete and feature-rich newsletter software. Select your template from a collection of free templates, use our drag & drop editor for creating strong-selling newsletters and monitor your success with the CleverReach® reporting.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Create and send beautiful email newsletters with our newsletter editor
  • Responsive and free templates for every industry and occasion
  • Reporting: analyze your success and optimize your emails
  • GDPR-compliant, highest security standards, email marketing made in Germany
  • Free Support & webinars
  • Always the right price plan: customized, changeable at any tie, no contract term – scales for small & big contact lists. Flex for occasional senders, Essential for frequent senders or Enterprise plans for big players.

Lots of additional features: Blacklist Check, Create Newsletters, Newsletter Editor, newsletter tempaltes for every occasion, Email templates, A/B Split Tests, Spam Tests, Image processing, RSS Feeds, dynamic content, Importing features, Segmentation of recipient lists, Double-Opt-In signup forms, automatic bounce management, automatic unsubscribe management, Sending Newsletters, sending personalized emails, Social Media Integration, Reporting & Tracking, open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, unsubscribes, multi-level bounce management, Google Analytics Integration, Conversion-Tracking, automated emails, Lifecycle Email Marketing, THEA – Email Marketing Automation, Autoresponder, Follow-Ups, Whitelisting, CSA, Certified Senders Alliance, Design-tests, Newsletter Client Testing, SPF, Senders Policy Framework, Email Authentication, SSL encoding, WordPress Plugin, direct mailing, Import of CSV files, responsive templates, free Software, Typo3 Newsletter, Importing Excel Sheets, Forms, Direct marketing and so much more!

If you have any questions, take a look at our Help-Center.

What Your Customers Will Love

Your customers

  • want to be surprised by extraordinary snacks from all around the world
  • are happy to be presented with the latest products for babies
  • hope for a cheap offer to buy a new mattress
  • are reminded on time to order their favorite tea

In a perfect world with CleverReach® and WooCommerce, your customers can’t wait to get your next newsletter because they get exactly the offers they want. When the shopping experience turns into a spending spree you know you got everything right. Your customer is happy, you are happy, and we are happy!

That’s what we call a win-win-win situation!

Installation / Download: Connect CleverReach® and WooCommerce

The CleverReach® WooCommerce newsletter plugin is set up withing just a few minutes so you can get started with your successful newsletter marketing right away.

There are three ways to install the CleverReach® newsletter module for WooCommerce:

  1. Uploading the plugin as a .zip file in WordPress
  2. Installation directly in the WordPress marketplace
  3. Manual installation

1. Uploading the Plugin as a .ZIP File in WordPress

If you want to upload the email marketing plugin as a .zip file, please contact our CleverReach® service team to get the file. Contact us via our contact form or email us at support@cleverreach.com.

As soon as they’ve sent you the file, do the following:

Step 1: Log into your WordPress account.

Step 2: There are two options:

  • Multisite:If you’re the admin of several WordPress websites and want to activate the plugin, navigate to “My Sites“ ->“ Network Admin“ -> „Plugins” and select „Add new“.
  • Singlesite WordPress Installation: Click on „Plugins“ in the sidebar and select „Add New“.

Screenshot CleverReach Newsletter Plugin für WooCommerce hinzufügen als Zip Datei

Step 3: Click on “Upload Plugin“.


Step 4: Then click on “Choose File“ and “Install Now“.

Screenshot WooCommerce Newsletter Plugin installieren

Step 5: Last but not least click on “Activate“.

Screenshot WooCommerce Newsletter Plugin Schritt 5 Aktivieren

Step 6: You can now find the CleverReach® newsletter plugin in the „WooCommerce“ section in the main menu on the left of your WordPress account:

Screenshot: Das Cleverreach Newsletter Plugin für WooCommerce ist fertig installiert

Installation Directly in the WordPress Marketplace

You can also directly get the plugin via the search bar in the WordPress plugins section.

Step 1: Log into your WordPress account.

Step 2:

  • If you have a multisite, navigate to “Network Admin“, click on “Plugins“ in the left sidebar and select “Add New“.
  • If you have a singlesite, click on “Plugins“ in the left navigation bar and select “Add New“.

- Screenshot CleverReach Newsletter Plugin für WooCommerce vom Marketplace installieren

Step 3: Enter “cleverreach” in the search bar and select our plugin for WooCommerce or click here: CleverReach® Plugin for WooCommerce.

- Screenshot Cleverreach ins Suchfeld des WordPress Marketplace eingeben

Step 4: Click on “Install Now“. The installation is completed after just a few seconds.

- Screenshot Official CleverReach Plugin for WooCommerce installieren

Step 5: Activate the plugin by clicking on “Activate“.


- Screenshot Official CleverReach Plugin for WooCommerce installieren

Step 6: You can now find the plugin in the “WooCommerce“ section in the left menu bar of your WordPress account.

- Screenshot, wo das Plugin in WooCommerce aufgerufen werden kann

The third option is to manually upload the plugin.

Step 1: Copy the plugin source code file into the /wp-content/plugins/ file of your WordPress entity.

Step 2: The plugin is then available in the „Plugins“ section. Click on it and „Activate it“.

Screenshot: CleverReach Plugin aktivieren nach manuellem Hochladen in WooCommerce

Step 3: You can now find the plugin in the „WooCommerce“ section in the main menu (on the left side) of your WordPress account.

Screenshot, wo das Plugin in WordPress gefunden werden kann

Updating the Plugin

Like all WordPress plugins, there are regular updates for the WooCommerce email marketing plugin by CleverReach® as well. Updating the plugin is simple and fast. Just follow one of the procedures above. We recommend to disable the plugin temporarily before updating it.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free online shop plugin for WordPress. With more than 50 million downloads it’s one of the most common eCommerce systems worldwide – more than one third of all online shops use it.

Thanks to a large number of extensions, WooCommerce is extremely flexible and at the same time as easy to set up as WordPress. That’s why WooCommerce is especially suited for beginners.

In a WooCommerce store you can sell not only physical goods, but also digital products such as downloads; with the help of appropriate plugins also bookings, memberships and subscriptions.

Developers and the extensive community provide for always new extensions and features, so that even complex and extensive stores can be set up.

In order to comply with country-specific legal regulations, there are also special plugins that can be used to adapt the respective WooCommerce store to the applicable law (for example, the German one).