Newsletter Marketing Integration for TYPO3

Simply connect CleverReach® with TYPO3 for powerful email marketing!

Bugatti, Danone, Redbull and Greenpeace design and send their newsletters with CleverReach®. Because it is as easy as it gets! Increase customer retention with our clever and effective software. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners and professional marketeers alike to send their recipients beautiful and relevant newsletters.

Exclusively for Typo3 customers: 
Become a customer and get 10% off your CleverReach® rate for 12 months! Simply awesome: is automatically activated when you create a new account.

CleverReach®: Simply awesome email marketing

The CleverReach® extension connects our professional newsletter software directly with your TYPO3 backend. You avoid mistakes and save your time with our automatic synchronization.

Following data will be synchronized with our extension automatically:

  • TYPO 3 users will be added to your contact list. A “newsletter” checkbox will be added to the default TYPO3 user registration, so you can explicitly mark users as email subscribers
  • Data such as: First and last name, gender, age, birthday, address, interests…
  • Your web content that you can simply drag and drop into your newsletters in our user-friendly editor

Our extension helps you to keep your recipients informed about products, events, announcements and editorial content. With our legally compliant signup forms, you are always on the safe side when generating new addresses.

Your profit: More email openings, more clicks and less effort – even more so with our easy email automation THEA. Here’s the key to your success!

Our most important features

Since 2007, the team of CleverReach® works with and for customers on a growing number of features, such as:

  • Easily create and send email newsletter with our drag & drop editor
  • Integrate current news and content from your website into your newsletter with one click
  • Free email templates, ready to use. Or simply import your own templates from other platforms into CleverReach® with our Template Converter
  • Analyse your success with our reportings and optimize your newsletters accordingly
  • GDPR compliant, highest security standards, email marketing made in Germany
  • Free email support and online seminars (live and on demand)
  • The right price plan for everybody; customizable and changeable at any time, no contract term, rates for small and big recipient lists: Flex for occasional senders, Essential for regular senders or Enterprise for big enterprises
Lots of additonal features: Blacklist Check, create newsletters, newsletter editor, HTML- and source code editornewsletter templates for every occasion, responsive email templates, A/B split tests, spam and design tests, image processing, RSS feeds, dynamic content, import functions, segment lists of recipients, Double-Opt-In registration forms, automatic bounce management, automatic unsubscribe management, send newsletters, personalized newsletter delivery, Social Media Integration, Reporting & Tracking, open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, unsubscribes, multi-level bounce management, Google Analytics Integration, Conversion Tracking, automated mailings, Lifecycle Email Marketing, THEA – The Email Marketing Automation, Autoresponder, Follow-Ups, Whitelisting, CSA: Certified Senders Alliance, Newsletter Client Testing, SPF: Senders Policy Framework, GDPR compliance, SSL encoding, Integrations for many shopsystems, Customer Relation Management Systems (CMS) and Content Management Systems (CMS), industry solutions for agencies and small businesses direct mailing, Import of CSV files, rfree software, Typo3 newsletters, import Excel files, forms, direct marketing and much more!
If you have further questions you can visit our online help center or shoot us an email – we love to help you out!

How to connect CleverReach®  with TYPO3

Step 1: Go to the main menu and click on “Extensions” in the Admin Tools section.


Step 2: If you have already downloaded the zip. file to your archive, upload it to Typo3.


Alternatively, if you don’t have a zip. file, you can find the extension in the Typo3 Extension Manager.


Either you download or upload the extension, Typo3 will automatically install it.

The CleverReach® extension appears on the list of your installed extensions. You can access it via your main menu.


Extension Configuration Typo3 v7.x – v8.x

Step 3: To configure CleverReach®, go to the list of your installed extensions and click on the “Configure” icon.


To synchronize your existing frontend users as subscribers please check ‘syncUsersAsSubscribers’.


Extension Configuration Typo3 v9.x

Step 3: Click on the ‘Settings’ tab in the sidebar menu, under the “ADMIN TOOLS” section:

Typo3 v9 Settings Configuration - CleverReach®

Step 4: Please choose “Extension configuration”

Typo3 v9 Settings configuration 2 - CleverReach®

Step 5: From the extension list, click on the ‘official_cleverreach’.

Typo3 v3 List of Extensions - CleverReach®

Step 6: To synchronize existing frontend users as subscribers please check ‘syncUsersAsSubscribers’ field.

po3 v9 sync users as Newsletter recipients - CleverReach®

What customers will appreciate

Your customers

  • wait expectantly for the newest models of your kitchen sinks
  • rely on the event reminders of your city news
  • are happy about attractive deals for their next vacation
  • don’t want to miss out on your next fitness workshop

In the perfect world of CleverReach® and TYPO3, your customers look forward to your next newsletters, because every single one of them is exactly to their taste. And when your customers are so satisfied that they recommend you to others, you can be sure to have done everything right.

You are happy, the customer is happy, and we are happy, too!

About TYPO3

The Content Management System TYPO3 was developed in 1997 by the danish developer Kasper Skårhøj. As websites became more and more complex, he looked for a way to control the content and design of a website seperately, yet in the same system. Today, TYPO3 is used as the preferred CMS by more than 500.000 websites, intranets, web and mobile applications.