Newsletter Marketing for your Shopware shop

Newsletter Marketing for your Shopware shop

Spotify, Levi’s & DHL create & send their newsletters with CleverReach®. Why?It’s email marketing made easier. Benefit from our efficient software & flexible pricing without a contract term – with your Shopware online shop.

Video: Shopware & CleverReach® – Awesome conversions!


Lots of additonal features: Blacklist Check, create newsletters, newsletter editor, newsletter templates for every occasion, email templates, A/B split tests, spam tests, image processing, RSS feeds, dynamic content, import functions, segment lists of recipients, Double-Opt-In registration forms, automatic bounce management, automatic unsubscribe management, send newsletters, personalized newsletter delivery, Social Media Integration, Reporting & Tracking, open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, unsubscribes, multi-level bounce management, Google Analytics Integration, Conversion Tracking, automated mailings, Lifecycle Email Marketing, THEA – The Email Marketing Automation, Autoresponder, Follow-Ups, Whitelisting, CSA, Certified Senders Alliance, Design tests, Newsletter Client Testing SPF, Senders Policy Framework, Email Authentication, SSL encoding, WordPress Plugin, direct mailing, Import of CSV files, responsive templates, free software, Typo3 newsletters, import Excel files, forms, direct marketing and much more!

If you have any questions contact our support team that will gladly help you with any of your problems.

Appreciated customers buy more stuff

Your customers

  • are reminded to buy a new pen before school starts
  • are happy to receive make up tips for their skin type and other product recommendations
  • buy the long awaited sitting room suite as part of your summer sales
  • are reminded on time to order new supplementary food for their four-legged darling

In a perfect world with CleverReach® and Shopware, your customers can’t wait to get your next newsletter because they get exactly the offers they want. When the shopping experience turns into a spending spree you know you got everything right. Your customer is happy, you are happy and we are happy!

That’s what we call a win – win – win situation!

Connect CleverReach® and Shopware

How to integrate the CleverReach® newsletter plugin in your Shopware application:

Step 1: Open your Shopware account
Step 2: Click “Configuration”
Step 3: Click “Plugin Manager”
Step 4: Click “Installed”
Step 5: Click “Upload Plugin”
Step 6: Upload the zip file
Step 7: If “CleverReach” is “Deactivated” – click on the red X

The installation instructions with graphics can be downloaded here: Installation_Plugin_Cleverreach_Shopware_EN