BigCommerce for CleverReach®: The clever shop-integration!

CleverReach® – Professional Newsletters for your BigCommerce Shop

Spotify, Levi’s and DHL choose CleverReach® for their email marketing. Why? Because CleverReach® is as simple as it gets. Your team can create professional newsletters and automated email campaigns easily without any programming skills. Connect our CleverReach® app with your BigCommerce online shop and synchronize your valuable data automatically. Let’s get started!

Exclusively for BigCommerce customers: 
Become a customer and get 10% off your CleverReach® rate for 12 months! Simply awesome: is automatically activated when you create a new account.

How to connect BigCommerce with CleverReach®

You can connect CleverReach® with your BigCommerce Shop with just a few clicks:
Step 1: Visit your BigCommerce Store

Step 2: Go to „Apps -> Marketplace“

Step 3: Enter the word „CleverReach“ into the search bar

Step 4: Click on the button „Install“.

Set and done!

Module Description

Our extension directly connects the CleverReach® email marketing tool with your BigCommerce shop. All your shop data will instantly and automatically be updated and completed in the CleverReach® newsletter tool:

    • Synchronized data include:
      • Newsletter registrations and unsubscriptions
      • Personal customer data: first name, last name, interests, gender, age, birthday, address details…
      • Order/purchase information like purchased products, revenue, purchase frequency, average shopping cart, order number, article number, product name, price, currency, quantity…
    • We make email marketing easy! Our editor allow you to:
      • search for products in your backend, to place them in your email with image, text, price, size, material …
      • take texts and dynamic content directly from your own website
    • Monitor your success at one glance:
      • Keep an overview with a multi-shop allocation (in case of multiple shops)
      • Conversion Tracking with our connect-link-extension, for evaluating orders and revenue generated through your email campaigns

With the Conversion Tracking, you always know which content is most popular among your readers. To make sure that you only sent relevant and current product information, our real-time synchronization ensures that your customer- and product data is always up to date. Use these valuable insights to create personal offers your customers really look forward to. This will lead to more email openings, more clicks and more conversions!

The best plan for every need: Do you have a lot to say? Then our flat rate or High Volume pricing plan are a good choice for you. For your smaller projects, we also offer a prepaid solution. You can up- or downgrade your plan at any time.

CleverReach®: Our Features for Your BigCommerce Shop

Since 2007, we constantly develop CleverReach® with and for its customers. The result – a bouquet of clever features:

      • Three editors for every user:
        beginners create newsletters with our drag & drop editor, our HTML editor is a favorite for advanced users and our source code editor enables professionals for challenging adjustments for professionals
      • A/B Split Tests
      • Dynamic content
      • Automated email campaigns and complex multi-level workflows with our automation tool THEA
      • Extensive and conclusive reporting and tracking
      • Free templates; responsive and seasonal
      • Email marketing made in Germany; Highest security standards, GDPR-compliant
      • Free email support & online seminars on demand

Many other functions: newsletter set up, newsletter editor, occasion-related newsletter templates, A/B Split Tests, Spam Tests, image editing, photo editing, RSS Feeds, dynamic contents, importing functions, recipient lists segmenting, double opt-in registration forms, automatic bounce management, automatic cancellation management, blacklist check, newsletter sending, personalized newsletter sending, social media integration, reporting & tracking, opening rate, click rate, cancellation rate, cancellations, multiple level bounce management, Google Analytics integration, conversion tracking, fully automated mailings, Lifecycle-E-Mail-Marketing, THEA – email marketing automation, auto-responder, follow-ups, whitelisting, CSA, Certified Senders Alliance, design tests, Newsletter Client Testing, SPF, Senders Policy Framework, email authentication, SSL encryption, WordPress Plugin, direct mailing, importing of CSV files, responsive templates, free software, Typo3 Newsletter, Excel file importing, forms, direct marketing and many more!

If you have any questions, browse through our help center, or simply contact our support team. We are happy to help you!

What customers will appreciate

Your customers

      • are hoping for a special offer to buy that one pair of shoes
      • are happy to receive a personal birthday voucher
      • await your next season sale

The dreamteam consisting of CleverReach® and BigCommerce gets your customers pumped for your next newsletter – because they always receive the offers they are waiting for. When your newsletters are the starting point of a shopping frenzy you know you got everything right. Your customer is happy, you are happy … and us? We are happy, too!

That’s what we call a win – win – win – situation!

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is one of the leading cloud ecommerce platforms for established and fast-growing onlineshops. BigCommerce helps businesses to grow online sales with 80% less cost, time and complexity than on-premise software. It combines enterprise functionality, an open architecture and app ecosystem. BigCommerce enables B2B and B2C ecommerce for more than 60,000 brands, 2,000+ mid-market businesses, 30 Fortune 1000 companies and industry-leading brands, for example for Ben & Jerry’s, Paul Mitchell, Sony or Toyota.