Alexa Skill CleverReach® Email Marketing

Use Our Alexa Skill and Check Your Cleverreach® Email Marketing Account With Voice Control

CleverReach® is the first email marketing software you can talk to

You use CleverReach® for your email marketing? Then you can use our valuable Alexa Skill to find out how your last mailing went by voice control – and much more about our newsletter tool and the company behind it. Simply ask: „Alexa, ask CleverReach®, how did my last mailing go?“ – and your Amazon Echo and Alexa provide you with information about your email marketing activities with CleverReach® – without having to boot your computer and log in!

The Alexa Skill CleverReach® Email Marketing is free of charge – just activate and connect your account now!

How Do I Use The Alexa Skill CleverReach®?

Like all skills for Alexa – and the Amazon Echo in general – the CleverReach® skill is used via voice control. Easily find out your current reporting numbers and account data by asking questions:

„Alexa, ask CleverReach®….

  • …How many recipients do I have?
  • …What’s my current price plan?
  • …How many emails can I still send?
  • …How did my last mailing go?“

CleverReach® is the first email marketing software you can talk to – and the only one that replies. Simply use the best email marketing skill free of charge!

Ask questions just like in a normal conversation; it’s not necessary to learn concrete phrases by heart.


Alexa will also answer questions on

  • your current price plan
  • your email quota for this month
  • your recipients
  • your recipients lists
  • data concerning your reporting
  • your account

fast and accurately. If Alexa can’t answer one of your questions, just try again after a few weeks. Our CleverReach® programmers are constantly working on the Alexa Skill in order to further improve the functions and control possibilities.

What if you don’t know what to do? Just ask Alexa for help – she’ll give you the contact details of our support team.

Video: This Is How Using The Alexa Skill CleverReach® Email Marketing Looks Like:

How Do I Activate The Alexa Skill „CleverReach® Email Marketing“?

It’s incredibly easy to activate our email marketing skill: With a few clicks Alexa is ready for use! And after the Alexa skill has been linked to your CleverReach® account, even a voice command is enough to get Alexa up and running.

You don’t have a CleverReach® account yet?

Then go ahead and create one!

Connect Alexa Skill and CleverReach® Email Marketing

To use the Alexa Skill CleverReach® Email Marketing, you have to do two simple steps:

  1. Activate Skill
  2. Connect Skill with your CleverReach® account.

You can activate the CleverReach® Skill in the Alexa App on your Smartphone, Tablet or Smartwatch or on Amazon in the Alexa Skills Store.

Alexa Skills Store:

  • Log into Amazon and go to the Alexa Skills Store.
  • Search for the skill „CleverReach E-Mail Marketing“.
  • Once you have found it, go to the skill details page.
  • Click “Activate” and follow the instructions to connect your CleverReach® account to the Alexa skill.

Alexa App:

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.
  • Hit the button to start the connection process.
  • You will then be guided through all the steps.
  • You can also use the Alexa Skill without a link, but you will not be able to access your account information and will only receive general information about CleverReach®.


Check Your CleverReach® Account With The Alexa Skill

If the Alexa Skill and your CleverReach® account are linked, Alexa is ready for your email marketing needs.

From now on you can access the CleverReach® skill at any time: Fire away and ask your Amazon Echo what you want to know about your email marketing with CleverReach®. Find sample voice commands at the top of the page or on the skill page.

Once linked, activate the Amazon skill CleverReach® email marketing by saying:

„Alexa, ask CleverReach®…“.

What Else Alexa Knows…

We here at CleverReach® are of course enthusiastic users of Alexa Skills and the Amazon Echo. There are so many good and useful Alexa Skills that make your life easier. It’s incredible what Alexa knows the answer to. And partly incredibly funny!

Alexa doesn’t only know things about your CleverReach® account, but also facts about CleverReach® as a company. What Alexa reveals about CleverReach® and its employees, our customers have to find out for themselves.

About Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills are apps that extend the skills of Amazon’s popular Smart Home Assistant. Different applications are particularly practical or useful skills for each user. The question about the best skills for Alexa is therefore often not so easy to answer – but for our customers, it is: it’s our CleverReach® Email Marketing Alexa Skill, your digital assistant.

To use Alexa Skills, you need an Amazon account and the smart Amazon speaker Echo. Alternatively, Amazon Skills can also be used via the Amazon Alexa App on a smartphone, Smartwatch or Tablet.