Laser focused email marketing that will take your business for the ultimate ride towards the future!

Our software lets you be an industry leader easily creating unique email campaigns to WOW your customers.

High design for your campaigns

Setting a visual experience makes a world of difference in email marketing. Take full advantage of our cutting edge templates in minutes and stay above the rest creating a lasting newsletter in minutes.

Free customer support

We offer a free guide to our system and answers to frequently-asked questions.

Event-related newsletters

Stay in touch with your loyal customers by sending them automated emails on birthdays and other occasions.

Security for reliable communication

Our double opt-in process ensures that your newsletters comply with privacy policies and make it straight into your recipients’ inboxes without spam filtering.

Address validation

Invalid or incorrect addresses are automatically filtered and cleaned up.

Responsive Design

CleverReach’s responsive design ensures that your newsletter will display properly on all devices.

More than 320,000 customers trust us!

Flexible editor CleverReach®

Newsletter software for your business

Our flexible editor lets you design your very own newsletter in minutes – without prior knowledge.

CleverReach® Real Time Reporting

Better insights with real-time reporting

Take advantage of our intuitive reports to evaluate the performance of your campaigns clearly and easily. See how successful your newsletters are at a glance, in real time!

Interface integration

CleverReach® integrates into a wide range of external CMS and CRM systems to reduce the manual effort needed in your business.


Get your free CleverReach account now

  • Up to 2,500 recipients
  • 1,000 E-Mails im Monat
  • No setup fee
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For occasional mailings

  • Cost-efficient for high volumes
  • Email credits do not expire
  • No setup fee
  • No contractual obligation


For regular, monthly distributions

  • For regular senders
  • No setup fee
  • Can be canceled monthly
  • Up to 100,000 recipients
  • Unlimited emails


Perfect for companies with large lists

  • For lists with more than 100,000 recipients
  • No recipient limit
  • No setup fee
  • Plan can be changed monthly