Google Analytics Integration

Evaluation and analysis of your email campaigns

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CleverReach® already gives you the most relevant figures of your newsletter campaigns in your reports:
– Open rates
– Click rates
– Bounce rate
– Unsubscribes
– Geography /Location
Want to know more? Then Google Analytics might be interesting for you: Google Analytics is a common analysis tool for websites, that helps you collect relevant information about the behavior of your customers, e.g.:
– Number of calls of your website
– Where your visitors come from
– Duration of visit on your website
– Search items, landing pages, homepages
– Conversions
All this data is essential for the success monitoring of your websites. The success of your newsletter campaigns can also be analyzed with the help of Google Analytics. Visits on your website are related to your newsletter.

Success is predictable – with CleverReach®

1. How to integrate Google Analytics in your newsletter campaigns

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You want to evaluate your mailing campaign with the help of Google Analytics? That’s easy with CleverReach®!

  • Set your tracking options in the creation process of your newsletter.
  • In the second step of the newsletter creation you can set the tracking options under “Settings”.
  • You don’t have to create a URL and insert it in your email template.
  • You only have to set a tick for the preferred function and tracking for the mailing is activated.
  • The results are shown in your report.

2. Advantage 1: Connect newsletter campaigns with your shop

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Additional to the evaluation of your newsletter campaigns, relevant information about the links in your newsletters help you to measure your success. How often has an advertised product led to a purchase in your shop? That’s exactly what a web analysis tool can do for you, e.g. Google Analytics. Define and evaluate aims and actions by integrating Google Analytics. Find out:

  • How many visitors your newsletter has generated on your website
  • The most successful links
  • Which subpages do your visitors click
  • How many new subscriptions has your newsletter produced
  • Which products are viewed and purchased?
  • How many purchases are generated
  • How is the turnover of your campaign?
  • Were downloads of data like whitepapers of your company generated?

3. Advantage 2: Analyze your newsletters and user behavior

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The results from Google Analytics don’t only help you to optimize your newsletters, but also your website.

  • User behavior: A large number of dropouts and quick closing of your landing pages indicate that your website doesn’t contain the content your subscribers were expecting.
  • Pages per visit: The viewed pages and the duration of the visit also give you insights to whether your page provides your subscribers with what they need
  • Turnover tracking: which actions and campaigns are most successful

These values are observed for every newsletter and give you an insight to the success of each newsletter or the entire campaign. To see at a glance if one value has changed above average, there is the radar function. This allows you to monitor certain figures and get notifications about strong fluctuations.

4. Google Analytics or Connect link extension?

With the Connect link extension, CleverReach® offers you an alternative tracking option to Google Analytics. You can only use one at a time for evaluating your mailing campaigns, either the Connect link extension or Google Analytics. Please note:

  • You can only measure opens with HTML mails.
  • Your links are always measured with the help of a tracking domain.
  • The tracking domain originally always runs via CleverReach®, but you can also use your own domain.
  • Always put “http://” in front of your links, as your links can’t be redirected otherwise.

5. Tips & Tricks

  • To enable Google Analytics Tracking, the linked website also has to have Google Analytics. Find your mailing with CleverReach® as the campaign source in the evaluation.
  • Through the activation, parameters for Google Analytics are attached to the links in your newsletter. The links for each newsletter will be marked uniquely, for you to allocate where the visitors on your website come from.
  • Campaign source (utm_source): In our case that’s the respective CleverReach® newsletter
  • Campaign name (utm_campaign): This is the name of your sent campaign.

Evaluations and analysis with CleverReach®

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