Conversion Tracking

Measure the success of your conversions

screenshot: Conversion rate (CVR)

Conversion tracking evaluates the visits and resulting conversions on your website. Many things and actions can be defined as a conversion, e.g. the download of a software, subscription to a newsletter or purchase of a product.

  • Conversion rate (CVR)

The conversion rate is a central figure in email marketing. It calculates the traffic on your website or shop in relation to the resulting purchases. The rule applies: the higher, the better. Look at your conversions and take steps to improve your conversion rate.

  • Measure with the help of analysis software: The CleverReach® conversion tracking counts the clicks on your links that have generated purchases, downloads or subscriptions. The resulting turnover will be shown in your report.

Conversion Tracking allows you to measure the success of your mailings and create a precise turnover analysis of your campaign.

1. Configure tracking script

screenshot: Configure tracking script

To allocate and evaluate the clicks of your campaign, each hyperlink in your mailing is transformed into a so-called tracking-link. When a subscriber clicks on this link, they can be measured and evaluated.

  • To set up the script, go to “Account” and then to “Extras” and “Conversion Tracking” and set up a new conversion.
  • Enter all required data in your form.
  • Save the conversion after entering all required data.
  • Find the snippet (the part with the information for the Conversion Tracking) under “Features”. This is also where you see the already measured conversions.
  • Copy the snippet and insert it on the landing page (the website) where you want the conversion to be tracked. This can be a confirmation page (for an order in your shop, a subscription, etc.) of the action to be tracked. This script will connect the respective action with your mailing campaign.
  • After a subscriber clicks a link, cookies help measuring all statistics. If a customer purchases from your shop within 14 days, the cookie will be read and the results will appear in your report.
  • The information will be transferred to your CleverReach® account.

Note: Please observe data protection regulations (cookie notes on your website)!


2. How to evaluate conversions

sreenshot: reporting and tracking dashboardCleverReach®:

Once you have set up the Conversion tracking on your website, there are two ways of examining any order data:

  • The report of your mailing gives you a condensed evaluation. The overall turnover generated by a mailing is shown at the bottom of the report overview.
  • Each subscriber profile shows the conversions of the respective recipient. Click on the subscriber’s name and go to “purchase information”, to see the generated turnover.

3. Connect conversion rate with other figures

screenshot: Conversion rate (CVR)

All central figures are shown in your CleverReach® report:

  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Bounces
  • Unsubscribes

The conversion rate is another significant figure. A conversion can basically be defined in several ways, e.g.

  • Order/purchase
  • Turnover
  • Download
  • Subscription/ registration
  • Lead

The conversion rate is always to be seen in relation to your aims and business model, so it is to be defined individually. Generally, this figure helps you to calculate your success and Return-On-Invest (ROI).

Also, you can track which links have generated conversions, to work more targeted on your newsletters.

4. Tips & Tricks

screenshot: Configure tracking script
  • The cookie lifetime allows you to allocate all purchases to newsletters within a certain timeframe and gather all purchases correctly.
  • Conversion tracking is only available in paid accounts.
  • Always put http:// in front of your links, as they can’t be redirected otherwise
  • This data is transferred via the tracking script: purchase date, conversion name and mailing ID. Detailed purchase data (like item descriptions) are not transferred.
  • The measurement can be blocked through browser settings or plugins, so CleverReach® doesn’t receive any data although a purchase has taken place (cross-site-scripting)
  • Saved data can be used for segments, e.g. to specifically contact those subscribers who have purchased something because of your newsletter
  • Make sure you choose the right domain. If you have several subdomains in your account, the domain in the script has to match the domain of your mailing
  • The script can’t be used with shops with an SSL connection.

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