Automatic unsubscribe management

for legally secure newsletter delivery

Always be on the safe side with our automatic unsubscribe management. Customers who have subscribed to your newsletter must be able to easily change their minds at any time. This is not only good manners, but also required by law in Germany and many other countries.

  • Unsubscribe link in our templates: CleverReach® has already embedded the unsubscribe function in our CleverReach® templates. With a single click on the correspondent link, a subscriber can quickly and easily unsubscribe from your newsletter.


  • Unsubscribe link linked to address directory: The unsubscribe link is linked to your address directory. After the unsubscribe, the respective address is immediately and automatically marked as unsubscribed in your list of subscribers. The subscriber will no longer receives your newsletters. You don’t have to delete or set your customer to inactive. The unsubscribed address will be saved with a note and the system recognizes the address even after a new import and excludes them from delivery.

Tip: Don’t delete inactive, unsubscribed recipients. Otherwise, they won’t be recognized and will be added again to your list of subscribers after a new import of contacts.

1. Add automatic unsubscribe links

  • CleverReach® templates: With CleverReach® you already have automatically embedded unsubscribe links in every newsletter. There’s nothing you have to do to embed the unsubscribe link. You’ll find it at the end of your newsletter, in the footer of the email.
  • Own templates: There are 3 options to embed the unsubscribe link when you are using your own templates:
  1. Create a hyperlink with the following URL: {UNSUBSCRIBE}.
  2. Alternatively, the unsubscribe link for the automatic unsubscribe management can be inserted in your template via the menu item “URLs” (see screenshot).
  3. Enter the following HTML-tag when embedding the unsubscribe link directly via HTML: “Unsubscribe <a href=“{UNSUBSCRIBE}“>here</a>“. This automatically creates a generated unsubscribe link for every subscriber, which they can use for unsubscribing. You have the option to influence the unsubscribe process, e.g. by editing the text and type of unsubscribe (Double-Opt-Out or Direct-Opt-Out).
  • Own unsubscribe process: The third option is to use your own unsubscribe procedure. In this case, there’ll be no automatic unsubscribe management, which means, you are responsible for data synchronization. When a subscriber unsubscribes from your newsletter, you have to manually transfer this to the CleverReach® database. Otherwise, the subscriber would still get your emails.

2. Unsubscribe: Single-Opt-Out via email link

Screenshot: Unsubscribe: Single-Opt-Out via email link

In every CleverReach® mailing, an unsubscribe link is automatically generated and integrated in your newsletter. This ensures that you fulfill legal requirements at any time.

  • Unsubscribing with CleverReach® standardly happens via Double-Opt-Out. This means that subscribers have to confirm their unsubscribe, just like their subscription. The landing page for confirming the unsubscribe is also automatically created by CleverReach® – focus on your more important tasks and let CleverReach® do the rest!
  • DOI prevents third parties from unsubscribing subscribers without their consent.

Unlike in the subscription process, Single-Opt-Out is permitted for unsubscribes. One click on the correspondent unsubscribe link is enough. If you want to change to an automatic unsubscribe without a confirmation, do the following steps:

  • Create a form for the respective list of subscribers. Open the form and click on “Settings” and go to “Information”.
  • Select the following Opt-Out setting: Single-Opt-Out via email link
  • After a click on the unsubscribe link, the subscriber will be directed to the landing page of the form for unsubscribing, where they have to click to unsubscribe. The advantage: You can still ask for the reason why they are unsubscribing. This should, however, by no means be obligatory: your subscribers should always have the choice whether they want to tell you about their reasons for unsubscribing or not.

3. Unsubscribe: Single-Opt-Out via public form

screenshot: Unsubscribe: Single-Opt-Out via public form



  • This works just like the Single-Opt-Out in step 2, with the slight difference that subscribers can unsubscribe via a form on your website. We don’t recommend this option, as everyone could unsubscribe any subscriber from this list, when they know the correct email address.

4. Unsubscribe via click


  • This is the easiest and fastest way of unsubscribing: one click on the link is enough and your subscribers end up on the confirmation page. This feature makes it easy and possible for them, although accidental clicks also lead to an immediate unsubscribe.

5. Tip: Make unsubscribing as easy as possible

screenshot: Make unsubscribing as easy as possible

Unsubscribes with a direct unsubscribe link are permitted and very useful. If a person has decided to unsubscribe from your newsletter, they don’t want a complicated process. CleverReach® offers you an automatic and legally secure unsubscribe management.

Through the option to unsubscribe without any complications you can be sure that only those people receive your mailings who really want them.

An uncomplicated unsubscribe option also protects your reputation as a sender. If your unsubscribe link doesn’t work or is badly placed, your subscribers will simply delete your mailings unread, which could have a negative influence on your open rates. Worst case: your recipients put you in their spam folders which also has a negative effect on your reputation as a sender.

Reasons for unsubscribes

  • Changed preferences
    This is the main reason for unsubscribes. What might have interested your recipients yesterday, can be totally irrelevant to them today. This is the case when a customer or project changes and the content of your newsletters should be adapted respectively.
    Example: Let’s say, your customer is moving to a new place and has subscribed to your newsletter about home improvement and decorating ideas. Now they are living in their new place and don’t need your ideas any more. They unsubscribe. That’s your recipient’s decision and there’s not so much that you can do about it, except for trying to convince them with related content that they might be interested in.
  • Delivery frequency: Too many or too few newsletters are never good enough. The challenge is to find the right frequency for your subscribers. And this can vary a lot as all your customers have different preferences. One way to find out is asking your customers about how often they want to receive which content. Tip: use our segmentation feature!
  • Display of your newsletter: It’s important what your mailing looks like! Do a design and spam test to find out if your newsletter is displayed correctly.


  • Unsubscribes can be hard, but it is helpful to find out the reasons why your recipients unsubscribed. That’s the only way to improve your newsletters.
  • Make sure your newsletter is designed well and has relevant content.

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