Manage Your Recipients

Quickly and easily with CleverReach®

screenshot: Manage recipients
  • Simply manage your newsletter subscribers and move them from a csv or txt file or from a CRM, shop system or another external system to your CleverReach® account.
  • Address purging: Don’t waste your time with invalid or incorrect addresses and automatically filter and remove them from your list!
  • Segmentation gives you the power to quickly target members of your audience who share a particular trait or behavior.
  • Automatic bounce management & blacklisting for email addresses and domains keep your list clean from unwanted contacts. Exclude certain subscribers or domains from your mailings!
  • Easy creation of registration and unsubscribe forms.

1. Select or create new list

screenshot: Create a new list for your mailing – all with just one click!


Create a new list for your mailing – all with just one click!

When clicking on an already existing list you get to see all the subscribers of this list. See everything you need at a glance:

  • email address
  • Signup date
  • The quality of the address which can be derived from the open rates of previous newsletters

2. Add subscribers

screenshot: Add subscribers

No matter in how many different places you store your subscriber data – you can easily bring it all together in CleverReach®:

You decide whether you:

  • prefer to create recipient lists manually
  • want to upload data from an existing list
  • want to integrate them with the help of a plugin of your shop or website

3. Create segments

Make sure your subscribers only receive content that is relevant to their needs. Learn more about your subscribers and segment them based on their activities and their profiles:

  • “buyer” or “prospective customer”
  • Fields of interest
  • Performance: open rates or clicks
  • Activities or occasions: Summer, winter, Christmas, Easter, summer sales
  • Personal information: age, gender, …

or whatever fits your needs!

Tip: Given the fact that you can’t copy or else move subscribers from one list to another but must create a new contact for each list you add the subscriber to, we recommend building big subscriber lists and then segment them from one another.

4. Automatic registration and unsubscribe forms

Create your registration and unsubscribe forms for your website directly in CleverReach® and integrate them with a source code or link on your website.

Integrate everything you need:

  • Text fields
  • Multiple choice selection
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown boxes
  • Date and telephone fields
  • CAPTCHA request
  • Social media elements

Our forms exclusively use the secure double opt-in process.

5. Blacklist, automatic bounce management and stats

  • You can permanently exclude certain subscribers or domains from your mailings by adding them to the blacklist. They are deleted during imports or mailings. Blacklists can be either defined for a bunch of lists or just one list only – or else they can automatically be processed through so called feedback loops, which happens when a subscriber marks your newsletter as spam.
  • Full inbox, a temporary default, a no longer existing email address, or a user who has decided to block your mailings: see which email bounced and why. Bounces will be blocked for a certain amount of time.
  • Statistics, such as open rates, active and inactive subscribers, are shown within the list. Additionally, you automatically get a weekly report that briefly informs you about the number of subscriptions and unsubscribes. At CleverReach® we work harder so that you don’t have too!

Email marketing for your business


  • up to 250 recipients
  • and send up to 1.000 emails per month for free!

Our Lite Plan has no limited running-term. There is no setup fee and no contractual obligations.

For more emails and features, choose between our Flex, Essential or Enterprise plans. Our price plan calculator will tell you which plan is the best for you!