Newsletter templates

Newsletters for every occasion - create awesome newsletters with our free CleverReach® templates

Successful email marketing starts with professionally designed newsletters. To make the creation of your newsletters as easy as possible, CleverReach® offers you a wide range of high-quality templates.

Use all our templates for your campaigns – for free! For example, use our seasonal templates for different advertising measures at different times of the year.

So relax and have fun!

1. How to use our free templates

When creating a new campaign, you automatically get to our free templates within 4 steps:

  • Choose the list of recipients that should get your mailing
  • Select the type of mailing – for example, a plain email campaign or autoresponder – and create your mailing
  • Specify basic settings like the name of the mailing
  • Now choose your favorite template: click on “Next” and go to “Templates”

There you’ll find a wide range of different templates. Our easy-to-handle drag and drop editor helps you tailor every template to your needs:

  • Exchange images
  • Add your own logo
  • Duplicate or delete elements
  • Change font type, size and color
  • Add your content

Tip: Use our templates for various occasions:

  • Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, …
  • Occasions: Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, …
  • Seasons: spring, summer, winter sales
  • Events: World Cup, Olympics, fairs, …
  • … and so much more!

There are no limits to the possibilities of which occasion you can use our templates for!

2. Advantages of our newsletter templates

Not only are our templates for free, they’re also very fast and easy to use: sign up, create mailing, get started

Not only are our templates for free, they’re also very fast and easy to use: sign up, create mailing, get started:

  • No local storage needed: you don’t have to download any software
  • Edit and send your newsletters directly in CleverReach®
  • “WYSIWYG”-editor: you don’t need any HTML or other programming skills because: what you see is what you get!
  • Customize all our free templates to your own needs and ideas
  • Our templates offer a wide range of designs. Get inspired for all kinds of occasions: most of our templates are designed so that you only have to add your content and get started quickly with your mailing.

You have your own CI? Great! Personalize our templates with just a few clicks:

  • Use your own logo
  • Insert your images
  • Use your own font type, size, and color

All CleverReach® templates have been tested in common email clients to make sure that your mailings are displayed correctly when they reach your recipients. Test the layout of your mailings before sending it:

  • Virtual preview on different devices (tablet, smartphone)
  • Quality-check before sending (optional extra)
  • Test sending

3. Benefits for your newsletter

The first impression counts! Your newsletter should:

  • Have a clear structure
  • Contain relevant content and large-size images
  • Have appealing headlines and anchor points (e.g. emphases and images)
  • Contain well placed and visible call-to-action buttons

All templates are designed to fulfill these requirements. It takes you only five minutes to create your perfect newsletter.

4. The design of your newsletter

Ask yourself: What kind of newsletters grab your attention and when do you click on information provided in the newsletter? Exactly! An awesome design of your newsletter is the key to powerful email marketing campaigns! Relevant content makes you buy products or read stuff that is advertised in the newsletter. But what does your newsletter design make great? This depends, of course, on your industry, product, taste, … but these points improve the design of every newsletter:

  • Easy to scan through: people don’t read newsletters like they do books or letters, they scan through the whole page to decide within seconds what is relevant for them.
  • Made for the right target group: Your subscribers love fashion? They are excited globetrotters? Every target group needs their own design.

5. Use external designs


  • You want to use other templates than the ones that CleverReach® offers? No problem! Find out about our template technique and use your own templates!

Successful email marketing with our free and seasonal CleverReach® templates for every occasion

Successful email marketing with our free and seasonal templates for every occasion


  • up to 250 recipients
  • and send up to 1.000 emails per month for free!

Our Lite Plan has no limited running-term. There is no setup fee and no contractual obligations.

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