The CleverReach® newsletter drag & drop editor

Creating professional mailings made easy


Create and design professional newsletters for free with our CleverReach® newsletter editor software. The editor is designed for you to easily create your newsletters intuitively. You don’t need any programming skills – if you know how to use Word, you know how to use CleverReach®! You can now also test the beta version of our new editor!
Have fun!

1. Ways of designing your newsletter


There are lots of possibilities to make your newsletter unique, individual and (above all) professional. There’s no limit to your needs and ideas. Individualize:

  • Images
  • Content blocks
  • Links
  • Buttons
  • Personalization placeholders
  • Dynamic elements
  • Many more elements

2. How the CleverReach® editor works


Our free and various newsletter templates offer you a maximum of individual ways to design your email campaigns. Use our drag & drop editor to create your mailing.

  • Select a suitable template as a basis for your mailing
  • In the next step, design your own personalized newsletter with our drag and drop editor

Place predesigned elements like images, content or buttons exactly where you want them to be with just a few clicks. This is how to do it:

  • Choose a newsletter element from the toolbar of the editor on the right by clicking on it
  • Drag the element to the desired place and drop it there.
  • Customize the element, e.g. change the size of the image or add text.





  • Colors
  • Font
  • Font size
  • Placement of elements

The guiding principle of our drag and drop editor is “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG). Your newsletter is displayed exactly the way it will be sent to your recipients. Edit your elements directly in the visual drag and drop editor. We say: if you know how to use Word, you know how to use CleverReach® – and easily create professional mailings.

Our online drag and drop editor makes successful email marketing as uncomplicated as ever. Additionally, you can also create your mailings in an HTML or source code mode.

3. Intuitive use


The CleverReach® editor can be used intuitively. You don’t need any training or programming skills to create a professional newsletter:

  • No downloading or set up of software
  • Start working with our tool immediately
  • Free newsletter editor
  • Send mailings without contractual obligations
  • You only need a functioning internet connection to create and send your mailing
  • You don’t need local storage for your newsletter archive, as they’ll all be stored directly in your CleverReach® account
  • Maximum flexibility: change your newsletter at any time – insert images or move content until you are happy with the result

Find more information on our support pages.

4. Drag & drop, HTML- and source code editor


CleverReach® offers you three editors to edit your newsletter:

  • Drag & drop editor
  • HTML-editor
  • Source code editor

Most customers use our drag & drop editor to create their mailings. Alternatively, you can also use the free HTML-editor, which is used for the finetuning of your newsletters, or the free source code editor that allows you to create your newsletter by means of the source code.

To change to our free HTML- or source code editor, click on [Content]>[Template] while editing your newsletter – that’s where you can choose between our three editors.

Please note: We’re happy to give you the chance to work directly with the source code. For our HTML- and source code editor, however, the user must have the relevant know-how. In that respect, we can’t offer further support.

5. Benefits


It’s no secret that professional email marketing campaigns are the key to success. To make sure that your newsletters always rock, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make it great and successful.

With our CleverReach® newsletter editor you can easily optimize every detail of your masterpiece:

  • Attractiveness: Add images and structure your newsletter
  • Readability: Vary with font size and color
  • Click rate: Add well visible buttons and calls to action
  • And so much more!

The CleverReach® Newsletter Editor

The CleverReach® drag and drop editor: Creating professional mailings made easy


  • up to 2,500 recipients
  • and send up to 10,000 emails per month for free!

Our Lite Plan has no limited running-term. There is no setup fee and no contractual obligations.

For more emails and features, choose between our Flex, Essential or Enterprise plans. Our price plan calculator will tell you which plan is the best for you!