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screenshot: Source code editor: Features

Most customers create and edit their mailings with our drag and drop editor, which allows the creation of professional email marketing campaigns within a few steps through intuitive use. The following two editors are for people who want to go even into further detail:

  • HTML editor: design HTML with the help of a graphic WYSIWYG HTML newsletter editor
  • Source code editor: edit the source code of your newsletters

1. How to switch to the HTML- or source code editor

screenshot: To switch to another editor, click on “Template” under the menu item “Content” during the creation process of your newsletter


  • To switch to another editor, click on “Template” under the menu item “Content” during the creation process of your newsletter. There you get the chance to switch between our three editors.

2. HTML newsletter editor: Features

screenshot: cleverreach

Many of our customers use the CleverReach® drag and drop editor to create their newsletter campaigns in the blink of an eye with predesigned styles and elements.

If you have individual requirements, however, we’d suggest you try our HTML editor. Use it to create your own newsletter templates that can easily be transformed into a template which can also be used in our drag and drop editor.

Before you start: Please familiarize yourself with the CleverReach® template technique.

3. Source code editor: Features

screenshot: Source code editor: Features

Work exclusively with the source code in our CleverReach® source code editor. In principle, WYSIWYG editors are also based on the source code, as the world-wide web is built on it. Therefore, it sometimes makes sense to work directly with the source code to make small adjustments.

The screen shot on the left shows you the exemplary newsletter shown above – but you only see its source code.

Tip: For this editor, you need the relevant knowledge of HTML, that’s why it’s only suitable for advanced users.

4. Tips & Tricks

screenshot: Tips & Tricks
  • HTML editor
    Our newsletter HTML editor is especially useful for the finetuning of your templates. It allows word processing similar to our drag and drop editor and what’s more, shows all HTML tags. The difference is that you don’t have the drag and drop function at this point. Instead, you’ll find formatting bars – just like in common word processing programs.
  • Source code editor
    The source code editor is an excellent feature for advanced users with knowledge of HTML. It’s based on the HTML code of your own newsletter. Advantage: You can make very precise adjustments to the layout. The source code is clearly formatted in our source code editor, single elements are highlighted in distinct colors.

Some final notes:

  • We’re happy to give you the chance to work directly with the source code. For our HTML- and source code editor, however, the user must have the relevant know-how. In that respect, we can’t offer further support.
  • As the HTML and source code editor require special knowledge and are very sensitive tools, the person working with this editor is responsible for the results.

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