Create your own email newsletter templates

And use them in our CleverReach® drag & drop editor

screenshot: You want to send newsletters that have your own Corporate Identity

Our motto: Email marketing made easy

  • You want to send newsletters that have your own Corporate Identity? No problem: Upload your own templates with CleverReach® and use them for your email marketing campaigns. If you’re using the CleverReach® template technique, you can also edit your templates in our drag and drop editor.


  • Place special template tags in the source code of your HTML file for the CleverReach® editor to operate with your templates. Each tag consists of an opening and a closing part. Place a default text between these two tag elements, which appears when using your template and can be edited.

1. Template management: Select template

screenshot: Template management: Select template
  • When you have created your own newsletter template (HTML templates) you can upload it to “Emails” and access it in your template management when you’re creating a new mailing.
  • To upload a template, please click on “Add template” and either enter the respective data or upload and add it. After the successful upload, your template will be shown in a small preview. Now you can edit or delete it.

2. Alternatively: Upload the HTML file

screenshot: Alternatively, there’s the possibility to upload a HTML file during the creation process of your mailings.
  • Alternatively, there’s the possibility to upload a HTML file during the creation process of your mailings. Add the respective data via URL or file import under the category “Template” and “Build your own/ Import”.
  • It’s also possible to upload a zip file.

3. Select your favorite editor

screenshot: Select your favorite editor


  • Choose the respective editor to create your mailing.
  • Besides the CleverReach® drag and drop editor we offer two more editors: the HTML and the source code editor.

4. Sending mailings with your Corporate Identity

screenshot: Cleverreach®
  • Advantage: By using special template tags in your HTML file every newsletter template becomes a CleverReach® template!
  • Combine the CleverReach® newsletter software with your Corporate Identity
  • Use our drag and drop editor also for mailings campaigns with your own templates
  • Combine the individual requirements for your template with the intuitive CleverReach® newsletter tool.

5. Tips & Tricks

screenshot: Create individual templates with CleverReach® for customized email marketing
  • Create individual newsletter templates with CleverReach® for customized email marketing
  • With a template conform with your CI you have a standardized look and communication throughout all your channels.
  • At the same time, this ensure to leave a professional and reputable impression.

Tip: Use one of our responsive templates and customize it to your own needs with the help of our vast collection of design features in our drag and drop editor.

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