Email Marketing Automation – Black Friday

Benefit from our Ready-To-Use Email Marketing Automation Workflow for Your Black Friday Campaign

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Get off to a flying start with email marketing automation on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! With our clever automation tool THEA, you don’t leave your Black Friday email campaign to chance:

  • Create your multi-level email workflow in a modular way
  • Build up your campaign with our easy-to-use automation tool THEA
  • Use a variety of features such as filters or triggers
  • Stay on top of things with our virtual drawing board

It’s not sufficient to only rely on spectacular discounts to stand out from the crowd. Develop exciting ideas for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email marketing campaign that directly vault your customers to your online shop! In order to not overtake your customers by your hot Black Friday offers, alert them early and stir up the anticipation with regular mailings until the big shopping day, Black Friday!

There are no legal requirements: You are free to decide exactly when you start your sale campaign and how you would like to design it. Some shops have great deals the weeks before or after Black Friday, others start their campaigns very early, others exactly at midnight, and some merchants offer new discounts on single products or product lines every hour. All bets are off – you’re spoilt for choice. When should you begin? How should you proceed?

To simplify your work process, we have developed a useful Black Friday email marketing automation workflow for you. When do which emails reach which of your recipient lists? Be inspired by our ideas for your Black Friday campaign or copy them one-to-one.

Our additional service for you: We’ve also thought about the content of your Black Friday emails and developed inspiring sample texts including subject lines. You may use them as they are or customize them to your taste and business needs:

>> Download: newsletter texts fashion industry
>> Download: newsletter text travel industry
>> Download: newsletter texts electronics industry
>> Download: newsletter text online shops

Are you creating an automation workflow for the first time?

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to create your own Black Friday campaign with Automation THEA:

1. Black Friday: Get Your Customers Excited - with Email Marketing

CleverReach Vorfreude wecken Black Friday

Awaken excitement:

By now, almost everyone knows Black Friday and what to expect: Great steals, incredible discounts and crazy special offers! Real bargain hunters have marked this special day at the end of November long red in their calendars. All others simply get their email reminder. And even the toughest Black Friday fans appreciate being informed about the hottest deals in advance. After all, your discount party needs to be well-planned.


  • Start your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign early. Black Friday takes place every year at the end of November, one day after Thanksgiving – but you can already send your first newsletter at the beginning of November. Welcome the highest-turnover time of the year with a great anticipation email.
  • An indication of the hottest shopping days of the year is good – a first teaser is better. Start with a first sales campaign. That doesn’t have to be an extremely high discount, you can also woo your customers with exclusive products or great giveaways with every order. There are no limits to your email marketing ideas for Black Friday!

2. Send Follow-Ups to Non-Openers and Increase Black Friday Anticipation

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Follow up with the non-openers

Despite irresistible subject lines and great offers, they exist: people who don’t open your anticipation email. Whatever the reason may have been, non-openers should also be able to benefit from your Black Weekend offers. On the other hand, those who opened your newsletter should not be contacted again.

  • In our automation workflow, we use a filter to contact the non-openers in a targeted way. That’s the heart icon. You can filter according to recipient actions such as opening an email or clicking on a link.

Select the right option for your reminder email, which is “opened email”. You may wonder: Isn’t that illogical to reach the non-openers?

It’s not when taking a closer look at the filter icon. There are two options to connect this element: „true“ and „false“. For the non-openers the statement “opened mail” is false – therefore we reach this group by linking the reminder newsletter with “false”. In addition, we can also specify how long to wait with the follow-up newsletter after the anticipation email. In our Black Weekend email marketing campaign, we decided to wait for three days.

Increase anticipation:

To get your recipients even more excited for Black Friday, it’s time for more emails. A week after you’ve sent your reminder email, you contact your email list again (find out how in our PDF instruction guide).

  • Your customers now know they can expect fantastic offers on Black Friday. But they don’t know exactly the kind of offers – yet. In addition, there is uncertainty as to whether the desired article will be available in sufficient quantity, in the right size or in the right design at the start of the campaign. That’s why you should point out in your second teaser email that some articles may be quickly out of stock on Black Friday. People who want to make sure they really get what they want should get their favorite item beforehand.

For many customers, the more urgently needed products and personal must-haves end up directly in the shopping cart instead of the wish list, before they might end up empty-handed.

  • Send your next email seven days later. Address your subscribers with different products for men and women. To do this, filter your recipient list by male and female if you know these details about them.

Tip: If your recipients have signed up for your newsletter with Ms/Mr you can use that to filter by gender.

  • Use the IF-function for filtering (blue filter icon).
  • By clicking on the icon, you get into the editing mode. Here you select the filter, in this case “Gender”. Of course, this distinction only makes sense if you offer different products for men and women. Otherwise you simply continue with your automation workflow without a filter.
  • Depending on how you want to design your Black Friday countdown, you can add more delay times and emails to your email automation workflow.

3. Take off with a Newsletter on Black Friday

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It’s time for THE shopping event of the year! Thanks to your well-planned email automation everything’s running smoothly: Your newsletter recipients are simmering with excitement for your Black Friday email. Reveal the secret of your Black Friday offers: Percentages, special offers, discount codes, extra bonuses, free shipping – reward your customers. It will also be worth it for you.

  • How long should you discount campaign run: You can make your own decisions. Thanks to email automation, it’s easy to communicate new offers every day or even announce flash sales that only apply within a certain time frame. Simply insert the appropriate hourglass for the delay time and newsletter icons into your workflow and wait.

Email Automation gives you enough time to cope with the rush of orders.

Tip: Black Friday is usually also the starting point for Christmas shopping. Combine words like “gift” and “offers” in your subject line.

Download: instructions automation workflow

4. Extend Your Automated Discount Campaign on Cyber Monday

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Last Orders please: Black Weekend might be over, but you can give some extra time. After Black Friday comes Cyber Monday. Offer your customers a last chance to get discounts in your online shop. Some ideas on what to do on Cyber Monday:

  • Extend your Black Weekend Campaign for one day
  • Surprise your customers with new offers

Have you been inspired by our sample Black Weekend email automation or have you even adopted it entirely? Then you can cross an important to do off your Black Weekend list: The Strategy. You now have:

  • The sequence of emails
  • Your recipient list
  • Sending times

Download: instructions automation workflow

5. **Download: Newsletter Suggestions for Black Friday**

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What’s missing? Your newsletters! We’ve prepared some sample texts for you so your efforts are limited to a minimum and you can fully concentrate on your business.

  • Our email drafts are based on our sample automation workflow. If you have left out several emails from the sample workflow, simply ignore the sample text. If you have added further emails, then simply create new content yourself.

We’ve created newsletter content for the following industries:

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Electronics
  • Online shops / E-Commerce in general

By clicking on the respective industry, you’ll get the sample texts for your newsletters. These include

  • Ideas for discount offers
  • Subject lines
  • Newsletter text content
  • Call To Actions

Copy/paste our text ideas into your newsletter templates and adapt their content and/or language if necessary. Don’t forget to hit the Save button!

  • By the way: Under “Templates” you will find many great templates for your emails, including some that are especially designed for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

But now: Enjoy creating your Black Weekend Campaign!

>> Download: newsletter texts fashion industry
>> Download: newsletter text travel industry
>> Download: newsletter texts electronics industry
>> Download: newsletter text online shops

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