Automated mailings with THEA: effective lifecycle Email marketing

THEA? Yes, very easy Email marketing automation made by CleverReach®

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Marketing Automation with THEA:
Create fully automated plain and complex mailing campaigns for various occasions on our intuitive and virtual drawing board. Birthday wishes, summer sales campaigns – we prepared some of the most common mailing occasions for you. THEA helps you boost your sales while you look after the more important and fun tasks of your working day.

  • Trigger campaigns
    Send your customers the latest product news, coupons and much more, triggered by their shopping behavior.
  • Autoresponder & follow-ups
    The easiest form of automation. Autoresponder emails are sent after certain customer actions, for example after a newsletter subscription or a purchase from your online shop. You can also send a series of automated emails at recurring or set points in time.
  • Reminders
    Revive inactive customers or surprise subscribers with reminder mailings on specific dates or events. There are countless occasions when to send reminder mailings: birthdays, anniversaries, Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas.

1. Welcome new subscribers

screenshot: 1. Welcome new subscribers
  • Your customers have decided to go with you: now give them a warm welcome and send a welcome email – the ideal opportunity to use THEA. Hardly any other newsletter is as welcomed as a welcome mailing – open and click rates are often four to five times higher than with your usual mailings!
  • Take the opportunity and don’t leave the design of your mailing to chance: subject line and return address are just as important as flawless display on all mobile devices. Check this before sending with the virtual preview.

Tip: Avoid “no reply” in your return address.

2. Confirmation emails

screenshot: 1. Confirmation emails

Use the moment after every purchase to build a closer relationship with your customer – a case for THEA, our CleverReach® automation center. Send a confirmation email with relevant product news and recommendations based on their last purchases and make your customers happy.

Examples for confirmations emails: registration confirmation, order confirmation, shipping confirmation, …

Tip: integrate product recommendations in confirmation emails!

3. 1. Satisfaction surveys

screenschot: 1. Satisfaction surveys

People appreciate to be asked about their opinion! You don’t only strengthen the relationship with your customers, you also get highly interesting insights in their needs and wishes that you can use to optimize your performance.

Either ask about your customers’ general satisfaction or specific elements of your service: certain products, customer service, shipping process, employees, …

Tips for your satisfaction surveys:

  • The key to a high feedback rate: “Keep it short and simple”. Nobody likes being questioned for too long. Ideally, your survey contains of a rating scale or a single question that takes your customer no longer than five minutes to answer.
  • Don’t ask too offensive questions where your customers could feel threatened or uncomfortable.
  • Let a member of staff function as the sender of the email – this makes your survey more personal.
  • As a thank you, offer your customers a coupon for participating in your survey
  • Evaluate the results of your surveys and take action!
  • Specifically ask about previous actions of your customer, for example a purchase in your online shop. Negative feedback, for example after an unsubscriptions from your newsletter, gives you the chance to improve in the future and maybe win your customer back!

Send your satisfaction survey

  • after a purchase
  • after a customer has consulted your customer service
  • when a customer unsubscribes from your newsletter

4. Re-engagement mailings

screenshot: 1. Re-engagement mailings

Long-time and faithful customers are an important part of every successful enterprise. By sending them valuable content chances are high that they stay with you. Standardized content reduces the attractiveness of your newsletters for your customers, which will impair your open rates. Let THEA get you high open rates by starting a reactivation campaign that is designed attractively and contains relevant content and benefits for your customers.

THEA makes your inactive customers change into active newsletter openers again.

Tips: Step by step re-engagement

  • Define “inactive”: One month? Six months? Define the critical stage when you can call a subscriber inactive.
  • Spark interest: Give your mailing a short but catchy subject line that differs from regular subject lines.
  • Try again, and again…: Send re-engagement mailings from time to time and set intervals with THEA.
  • Award “returners” with welcome-back presents in form of a coupon or discount.
  • Use available data to personalize your mailings.
  • Always check on the performance of your re-engagement campaign and optimize it if necessary.

5. Dynamic emails

screenshot: 1. Dynamic emails


  • You can’t change sent emails, but you can change and adjust dynamic elements! With CleverReach® you can easily integrate dynamic elements, for example products from your shop

Email Marketing for Your Business

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  • up to 250 recipients
  • and send up to 1.000 emails per month for free!

Our Lite Plan has no limited running-term. There is no setup fee and no contractual obligations.

For more emails and features, choose between our Flex, Essential or Enterprise plans. Our price plan calculator will tell you which plan is the best for you!