Become a CleverReach® Affiliate

and earn up to 20% recurring commission on paying CleverReach® customers you acquired.

How it works

Every CleverReach® customer you acquired, who books a paid plan on your recommendation, will pay off for you – not just once, but for up to 24 months – as long as the acquired customer uses a paid plan. As soon as this customer books an upgrade to a higher plan, your commission increases automatically.

Our Affiliate Program is available to every partner and affiliate marketer. Email Marketing is becoming more and more popular, its potential is gigantic, and our product is in great demand. Through our partner program you generate an additional, passive income.

And best of all: the more successful you are, the higher your commission rate will be, thanks to our unique affiliate reward system.

CleverReach® Affiliate Program 10% commission

High commission

Through our multi-level reward system, you receive up to 20% commission per month on all sales of the customers you have acquired.

CleverReach® Affiliate Programm 30-day cookies

60-day cookies

60 days cookie duration for the initial registration. Subsequent sales will be reimbursed automatically.

Multi-level reward system

Example at 15% commission as a “Silver/Gold Partner”

Year ø Cart Acquired paying customers Your Commission
1 $ 600 350 $ 31,750
2 $ 750 450 $ 51,425
Total $ 83,175
CleverReach® Affiliate Programm Multilingual campaigns

Multilingual campaigns & promo material

The CleverReach® Affiliate Program is available in all major languages.

CleverReach® Affiliate Programm Reporting


You will get access to extensive statistics and reports about your conversions and the resulting commission.

How to participate

To participate in our Affiliate Program, all you need is free access to our Affiliate portal. There you will find your personal affiliate links as well as various marketing tools such as banners, coupon codes and newsletters. Your personal partner badge identifies you as an official partner and shows your status at the same time. In addition, you have access to extensive reports and statistics in your account.

Become an Affiliate now!

CleverReach® stores and uses your personal data solely for the processing of your partner commissions. Your data will be stored by us until you object to its storage by email to and wish to terminate your partnership. By submitting the data you have entered, you consent to data processing and confirm the Privacy Policy.