Abandoned Cart Email Automation

Remind customers of the left items in their carts and increase conversions

Abandoned Cart Email AutomationWarenkorbabbrecher-E-Mail Automation erstellen, um an verlassenen Warenkorb zu erinnern

Convince customers to return to their filled shopping carts with the abandoned cart email automation and increase chances they complete their purchase in the end.

Everybody running an online shop knows abandoned carts: only about 30 percent of all shopping carts actually go through the entire checkout process. The other 70 percent get stuck somewhere in between the desire to buy an item and the actual purchase.

Reduce the drop-out rate by reminding your customer of all the beautiful items they have left in their shopping carts – conveniently via email automation.

After all, all remaining cart items are things your customers were looking for. Sometimes they simply forget about them and are glad about a reminder.

That’s why abandoned cart reminders are incredibly successful: the open rate of purchase reminders is an average of 45 % and a click rate of 21 %; almost 11 % of all reminded customers complete their purchase at last. The abandoned cart automation is not only a brilliant way to boost conversion rates: the personalized emails also strengthen customer retention.

Please note: To use the abandoned cart email automation workflow you need to connect your online shop to our email marketing tool. Either establish the connection via an integration solution or an individual solution via Rest API.

The following eCommerce integration solutions currently support the feature of transferring abandoned carts to CleverReach® and automatically send a reminder to customers about their filled shopping cart:

• Shopware 5
• Shopware 6
Magento 2

Users from a different shop system who can’t use the feature with their plugin yet, simply work with our Rest API. If you need any help setting up your own interface, please contact our customer service or one of our partner agencies.

Setting Up Automated Abandoned Cart Emails (Example: Shopify)

Abandoned Cart Feature in Shopify Account

Abandoned cart retargeting is very effective with our store plugins. By integrating our email marketing tool in your shop system, it is automatically transferred to CleverReach® when a customer leaves their filled shopping cart. The data transfer triggers the automation – your email workflow for reactivation.
You don’t need any programming skills to set up the abandoned cart email automation:
Establish a connection between your shop system and CleverReach with one of our plugins. We’ll explain how to do that using our Shopify plugin as an example:

1. Install the Shopify plugin. Find instructions on our Shopify integrations page.
2. After that, you have access to a dashboard with everything you need to set up your abandoned cart workflow on the CleverReach® plugin page in your shop system.
3. For setting up the abandoned cart emails, click on the “Abandoned Cart” tab.
4. Start by activating the CleverReach® abandoned cart feature.

By activating the abandoned cart emails, all other emails from the shop system are deactivated. This way, customers don’t get two different reminder emails. At the same time, an email workflow is created for you in your CleverReach® account.
In case you have still activated other “Abandoned Cart Functions “, e.g. by third parties, you receive a notification on your dashboard.
5. You can also see whether your THEA automation workflow in CleverReach® is active or inactive. In case it is still inactive, please activate it and edit the automation email. Scroll to point 3 for more info.

Now schedule your reminder email. You have several options to choose from.

Shopify recommends sending the reminder email after 10 hours, this depends, however, on the items in the cart.

Create THEA Automation

Select the Abandoned Cart Workflow in your account

As described above, when activating the abandoned cart feature, an automation workflow is automatically created in CleverReach®.
We have already prepared an email template for you.

We have set it up for you to easily edit and send the automation workflow and the email template.

By activating THEA automation, you are automatically redirected to the abandoned cart automation workflow in CleverReach®.

Now you can adjust the email workflow. In our example we stick to the single-track workflow consisting of a trigger and an email.

The automation workflow is triggered by all shopping carts that didn’t complete the checkout process which is why the cart is the start symbol of your email workflow.
You have already scheduled the sending time for your abandoned cart email at that point.

Edit the Email Template for the Abandoned Cart Email

Edit your abandoned cart email in our editor

Now it’s time to customize the predesigned template for your cart reminder. We have taken care of some essential steps for you and created an abandoned cart email template for you. There’s not too much left for you to finalize your abandoned cart notification.

Customize the email with just a few clicks to your design and the needs of your recipients and quickly and easily remind your customers of their filled shopping cart. For editing the email click the pen icon above the envelope symbol. A window pops up to select the email you want to send.

The shopping cart template already contains the most important store and item variables, which are automatically filled with the respective data (e.g. item name, item ID, description, total shopping cart amount) when the abandoned cart email is sent out.

If you have edited everything according to your wishes, save your work. The screen window closes after that.
Now you can take a look at the preview of your newsletter.

Please note: The shopping cart items are not displayed in the preview! At this stage, only the variables are displayed.
The variables in your email are only filled with data when the newsletter is triggered.

By the way: You can directly navigate to your cart reminder in CleverReach® from your shop system. Click on the CleverReach® Dashboard on “Edit Email” and you automatically end up in the email template to edit it.

Activate THEA Automation and Monitor Success

Abandoned Cart THEA Automation

Your THEA automation workflow and abandoned cart email are now set up – now you only need to activate the workflow to make your customers receive the email reminders.
For activating your workflow, click on the switch labelled „inactive“. A screen for the security check pops up. Confirm all the points and activate the automation workflow.
From now on all customers who leave their filled carts in your shop get an automated email reminder to complete their purchase.
You can deactivate the abandoned cart emails at any time by switching it back from „active“ to „inactive”.

THEA Report for Evaluating Your Abandoned Cart Emails
You can find all the data for your success statistics in the THEA report of your abandoned cart campaigns. It contains the following figures:
Delivered emails
Unopened emails

Especially in eCommerce other additional data regarding revenue become quite relevant. The Connect Link Extension helps you track and evaluate purchases generated via emails you sent with CleverReach. The following data are tracked:

Generated Orders
Generated Revenue
Order Rate

Google Analytics is an alternative for you to monitor your sales.

Notes on the Abandoned Cart Email Automation


Currently, abandoned cart emails are only available for some shop system integrations. It’s possible for other systems to use the feature via REST API, though. Simply contact our customer service or have a corresponding connection programmed by an email marketing agency.
One workflow per integration: You can only use one abandoned cart email workflow per integration. If you have several shops you can create a THEA workflow for each shop.
GDPR: You can only contact active recipients who have agreed to receiving your newsletter in compliance with the GDPR – otherwise, you can’t send abandoned cart emails to them. For more details on legal questions browse our post Get People Back to Your Online Shop with the CleverReach Abandoned Cart Automation.

There are some reasons for abandoned carts that even email reminders can’t do anything about:
Not the right payment options
Missing wish list
High delivery costs
Technical problems.
There’s actually some things you can do. How? Check out our post
The top 5 reasons for abandoned shopping carts – and what shops can do about it.