Reaching people

CleverReach Rebrand: On our way to future with a clear brand essence

Some things have changed: our logo, our brand identity and the colors. And why all this? We want to be tangible for our clientele. We want to inspire and support. And: we want to infect you with our enthusiasm for email marketing.

CleverReach Rebrand

Who is CleverReach?

That's the first question we asked ourselves when we started the rebranding process. After 15 years of successful company history and more than 370.000 customers from over 170 countries, we can count ourselves as one of the leading cloud-based software providers for email marketing.

We wanted to find an "orange" thread that makes us who we are and communicates our true brand essence to the outside world.

Our mission

Everything we do aims to reach as many people as possible: This principle applies to us as CleverReach, but also to our customers.

Reaching means arriving and being noticed. And even more: being understood and touching others.

To achieve this goal, we provide the simplest and most intuitive email marketing software.

From people for people.

The Clever Values: The personality of CleverReach

Our mission gives rise to corporate values that we live by every day and that are anchored in all our actions:


We interact at eye level.


We see ourselves as a helpful buddy at your side.


We work with a lot of joy and a good pinch of humor.


We are proud of our expertise.


We are the partner you can rely on.


We drive ideas forward and are open to new ideas.

CleverReach Rebrand Farbwelt

Fresh paint!

CleverReach products are all designed to reach people and build customer relationships. By using bold, confident colors, we aim to inspire and make our customers enjoy working with CleverReach even more.

Dynamic shapes and surfaces serve as the basis for messages, but also for images, icons or elements from the CleverReach product range. On this basis, expressive, emotional brand design is created that harmoniously combines humanity, aesthetics and functionality.

CleverReach Rebrand

Modern font

CleverReach is used to reach people. That's why we wanted a clear font that is unagitated yet bold enough to communicate content in a targeted way.

CleverReach (based on the Ambit)

CleverReach Black is derived from the sans serif typeface Ambit, which sets accents with its strong presence. The versal "R" has been adapted to CleverReach's new logo and gives the typeface an individual character.


Poppins is based on pure geometry, especially circles. It impresses with its simplicity and contrasts well with the strong CleverReach Black.

We put the focus on people

CleverReach Rebrand Bilderwelt

Our products and services stand for connections with people. For the power of communication and for becoming and remaining relevant.

For ensuring that messages are not only heard and understood, but that they have a lasting impact and leave traces.

We not only provide our users with a tool that works intuitively, but we also see ourselves as a partner who is tangible, who stands by, supports and advises.

Our goal: Conntect. Inspire. Support.

Our own world of images serves as an eye-catcher and a central component of our communication. Our mission is to reach people, so we want to show people. People at work, people exchanging ideas, people with each other.


CleverReach Rebrand Connective Shapes

Create connections

The idea of our design language is based on communication and connections. Organic shapes support this methodology.

We call them "connective shapes".

Our media kit for the CleverReach brand

In our media kit you will find information on how our new brand is used. Of course, we provide you with our new logo in various file formats as well as image material that you can use in connection with communication with and via CleverReach.