5 professional tips for even better click rates!

You defined your target group, your delivery and opening-rates are a-okay, but your CTR (click through rate) leaves much to be desired?

We have 5 pro-tips for you to increase your click rates!

Tip 1: Reduce call-to-action buttons and special offers

Many online-shop owners believe that more is more and display several different products, each with an own “buy now” button in their newsletters. They want to offer their customers a variety of products so that everyone may find something they like. However, a vast range of products can be overwhelming for the recipient – so much so, that he may decide to not buy anything at all.

Offering special discounts can be more successful when you segment your list of recipients by their interests. By doing this, you only send your contacts information they are interested in.

An example can show you how rewarding this change in your communication can be: The company Whirlpool increased their CTR by 42% by simply reducing their call-to-action buttons to – a very bold – one per newsletter.

The use of exclusively one call-to-action button eliminates any detours or uncertainties on the part of the recipients. This way of leading the recipient directly to a purchase is an exemplary execution of the AIDA model:

  • Leading the attention of the recipient to the product
  • awakening interest with a strong subject line
  • emphasizing product features and a good price create a desire
  • The call-to-action button leads to the purchase of the product

Tip 2: Make a case for your products

Good photos of the product and how it’s used set a strong buying impulse. Still, customers want to know what sets your product apart from similar ones – does it have a favorable price, does it perform better? Especially more expensive commodities will be compared online. Set your product apart from the rest by informing your customers about it as comprehensively as possible.

  • To heighten your click rates, you want to emphasize the advantage of your product in the subject line. Ask the sales department – or even your customers directly – what they value most about your products to choose the right headline.
  • Use bullets to keep the description of your product short and precise. Use a maximum of five bullet points, before you add your call-to-action button.

Tip 3: Awaken curiosity

Curiosity makes us want to explore interesting websites. Make sure that your shop offers content that quenches this curiosity:

  • Your customers like to be up to date about current trends? Offer a trend report of the most popular colors of the season and reveal on your page, how to combine these colors elegantly.
  • People like to tie up loose ends. For example, if you make a strange statement in your newsletter like: “This flat iron can save lives!”, people will want to know how so. Your customer is hooked, clicks the link in your e-mail – and finds out, how the power supply is automatically cut off if your iron is not moved for an extended period of time.
  • Let your customers enter a give away without them knowing what they might win! Only after clicking the link to your landingpage can they find out about the prize. A mixture of curiosity and play instinct can push your customers onto your website more easily.

Tip 4: Use recommendations and references

Our psyche urges us to behave the way that society behaves, too. To take advantage of this circumstance, you can back up your offers with customer recommendations and references. Statements like “76% of our customers are satisfied” or “82% of all users choose this new technology” have a great impact on click rates and conversion.

Also, user recommendations influence prospective buyers a lot. Let third parties evaluate your product, let them point out the quality and good experiences they made with it. Influencer-Marketing can also be an option for you to spread the word about your product. It is most important though, that the opinions you use are authentic.

Tip 5: Consider shopping behavior

Not all customers are created equal. Especially consumable goods are treated very differently; while some customers order these products in advance to stock up, others only get a refill when needed. If you segment your mailing list according to these behavioral patterns, you may increase your click rates by up to 25%!

Extra tip: Get inspired by your own success

Let’s get series; Analyze your most successful e-mail campaigns and reuse elements and templates of them for future mailings!

For better click rates, for more conversions, more revenue – more, more, more!

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