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How to reach your Valentine’s grumpies

In our previous Valentine’s article, we have among other things, dealt with your two different target groups and have given you the tip to find out which of your subscribers is a Valentine’s lover or a Valentine’s hater to achieve higher open rates with your newsletter.

Now let’s talk about the Valentine’s grumpies and Singles. These are, on the one hand, those who find Valentine’s Day simply cheesy or consider it a pure consumer day and, on the other hand, the many millions of singles who long for a partner or for whom the topic of love and relationships is not an issue at the moment.

So, a romantic Valentine’s campaign would be the wrong way to go in this case. It’d achieve quite the opposite of what you intend. Your beautifully created newsletter with great product offers and Valentine’s promotions will end up in the junk folder with one click. We will now show you how you can prevent this and how you can successfully reach this target group on Valentine’s Day.

In advance: even for Singles and Valentine’s grumpies, you don’t have to completely do without the subject of love. Tell them they’re great and should treat themselves. Use Valentine’s Day to spoil this very target group! This will prevent Singles and Valentine’s grumpies from marking your Valentine’s Day newsletter as junk mail.

How to reach your Valentine’s grumpies


It’s pretty obvious that we don’t recommend sowing your newsletter with hearts or depicting couples in love. But still, you can use hearts as a design element when it comes to telling your subscribers that you love them and want to give them a Valentine’s gift.

Addressing your customers

Choose positive words that make your subscribers feel awesome. Talk about how important it is to treat yourself to something special and love yourself. Perhaps, love is not the main focus of your campaign, but the focus shouldn’t be on the great offer or the low price, but on doing something good for yourself.

Dear…, you’re tired of all the Valentine’s hype and you don’t feel like putting on rose-colored glasses? Then order your sunglasses at a “Treat yourself” price and book a weekend trip. Off to the sun, put on new sunglasses from () and just take a break from everyday life. Click here for stunning designer sunglasses to fall in love with.

Less appealing:
Dear… you don’t want to be left out in the cold on Valentine’s Day? Get your winter coat 25% off and that won’t happen to you. Quickly order your dream coat at a WOW price now. Our great offers are only valid until February 8! Be quick and order now.

The subject line

Delete words like, for lovers, romantic destinations, etc. from your subject line. Your subject line should only consist of about 40-70 characters, so choose your words wisely. Briefly and crisply phrased, your Valentine’s haters and Singles should feel immediately addressed.

Fed up with Valentine’s Day? Fall in love with our sunglasses.

Get 20% off sunglasses to fall in love with.

3 “buck the trend“ ideas for Valentine’s Day

1. You are a travel agency or travel operator? Surprise Valentine’s grumpys and singles with great travel offers to destinations that are beautiful to fall in love with. True to the motto: Who needs Valentine’s Day when you can fall in love with a whole city? In love with Rome. In love with New York…

2. The beauty and wellness industry in particular can benefit from Valentine’s Day.  Offer your subscribers treat-yourself products. Fall in love with yourself, not only on Valentine’s Day! Especially wellness and beauty products are perfect for doing something good for yourself.

3. Technical equipment is also a good way to make your subscribers and customers happy. Give away online “Valentine’s-Sucks-Day“ coupons. For those industries who don’t have anything to do with Valentine’s: give a 15% discount on selected products or on technical products such as TV sets, kitchen appliances, etc.. So, basically everything that is rather unromantic but desirable.


With a “strive-against-the-stream”-campaign on Valentine’s Day you will certainly hit the mark. You will reach a target group that otherwise wouldn’t have been into a Valentine’s Day newsletter or promotion and have the opportunity to increase your newsletter open rate and sales.


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