How to make hearts fly higher with your Valentine’s Day newsletter campaign

Joana Rüdebusch
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How to make hearts fly higher

All you need is love … Valentine’s Day is almost here. Time to get started: February 14 will be a strong sales booster for many online retailers and the stationary trade.

But, as we all know, Valentine’s Day doesn’t lead all hearts to go crazy. The Day of Love will divide hearts into two target groups. On the one hand, there are countless Valentine’s lovers who will fill their shopping carts with love and your products. On the other hand, there just as many Singles and Valentine’s grumpys who are fed up with the Valentine’s hype and regard romantic newsletters as junk mail. We’ll show you how to conquer both target groups with your newsletter campaign in this and the upcoming article.

Before you plan your email campaign, we recommend that you think about what you already know about your customers. Does the knowledge you have give you a hint whether they’re Valentine’s fans or not? In order to address your subscribers successfully, it makes sense to consider their needs and interests when planning your campaign.

Think about the success of last year’s Valentine’s campaign. How was the open rate? Were your Valentine’s promotions well-received? This tells you whether a romantic Valentine’s campaign will be more successful than a less dreamy promotion or the other way around. Another indicator could be the open rate, that shows how relevant a topic is for your subscribers. Send, for example, a Valentine’s Day announcement with a romantic subject line at the end of January. A subject line that appeals more to Valentine’s Day fans. The open rate will tell you whether the subject line has been well received by your subscribers or not. Decide whether you want to focus on the romantic Valentine’s Day campaign or rather address a single and Valentine’s grumpy by looking at your collected knowledge. You may even decide to develop two different newsletter campaigns to reach both target groups.

Now let’s talk about how to reach Valentine’s Day fans and how to successfully master the balancing act between kitsch, consumption and love. In part 2 we will discuss how to reach the Valentine’s grumpy.

3 tips for designing your Valentine’s newsletters

1. The design

Hearts, roses, etc. as well as the colors red and pink naturally fit the occasion very well. But don’t overdo it. After all, this is not a wedding invitation and sometimes less is simply more.

2. Addressing your customers

An emotional wording ensures that the reader gets the need to get their loved one a present and to spoil them. You should rather focus on the love and the attractive gift or the romantic action than on the low price or the super special offer.

We have put together 5 romantic destinations for lovers for you. Take your loved ones on a romantic trip at a Valentine’s Day price…

Less appealing:
Just a week till Valentine’s Day! Order your last-minute present at a special price and surprise your loved ones…

3. The subject line

Ideally, your subject should consist of approx. 40 – 65 characters, be informative and crisp. Then decide for yourself whether you want to give the topic of your newsletter away right at the beginning, or whether you want to make your subscribers curious first.

Love is in the air. Seductive fragrances at Valentine’s Day prices.

Discover your favorite Valentine’s Day fragrance at half price.

3 Valentine’s campaign ideas

For all perfumeries, department stores and online retailers, selling beauty products and fragrances, Valentine’s Day is of course a welcome opportunity to increase their sales. For example, offer all pink or red perfume bottles in your online shop at a Valentine’s Day price. Another idea would be to offer the second Valentine’s Day fragrance at half price. One love + two fragrances.

Regardless of your industry, you can add a Valentine’s Day gift to any online order your customers place in your shop. From beautifully packaged chocolate hearts to pink chocolates to sweet macarons, everything is possible. Just make sure that the product does not come into contact with the candy. A card saying “We love you!“ will certainly go down well.

Especially the food and gastronomy industry, but also the beauty and wellness industry will benefit from Valentine’s Day. Offer your subscribers online coupons for grocery baskets, a romantic dinner or a wellness day for two. Last minute gift idea: a print-out Valentine’s Day voucher is an ideal gift, especially for the “in the nick of time” buyer.


Valentine’s Day is a welcome occasion for many to express their love for their loved ones and to get them a gift to show their affection. One can’t buy love, but to give with love is simply wonderful. Inspire your subscribers and make lovers happy with your special Valentine’s campaign.

Stay tuned for part 2 that gives you tips and ideas on how to create an appealing Valentine’s newsletter campaign for Valentine’s grumpys.

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