Hit the bull’s eye with your email marketing on Clever Friday.

Joana Rüdebusch
SEO Managerin & Content Creator

Turn the Black Friday weekend into your sales booster

Only a few weeks to go before Black Weekend starts. These days are extremely important events for online retailers. Millions of online shoppers and bargain hunters are already looking forward to the coveted shopping days. Many buyers even create a wish list in advance and save their favorite products. I, too, have already thought about what I might be missing for my “shopping satisfaction”.

Turn the Black Friday weekend into your sales booster and email opener and plan your email campaign for the shopping event days of the year!

Let’s go off through the roof!

Our experience over the past few years has shown that CleverReach customers have sent out countless newsletters especially for their Black Friday sales. In our diagrams from 2016 and 2017 you can very clearly see that the number of newsletters being sent increases significantly on Black Friday.





5 tips that give you reason to cheer on Black Friday!

1. Who do I want to reach with my newsletter campaign and why?
Before you just go ahead and send out your newsletters with special offers, we recommend that you determine in advance who you want to reach with your newsletter. Are there certain customer groups, such as best customers and VIP customers, your newsletter subscribers or customers who rarely order from you that can each be addressed separately. It probably also makes sense to plan certain promotions only for female or male target groups and to prepare the respective newsletter accordingly. Once you’ve decided if and how you want to segment your recipients, you can move on to the next step.

2. When do I best start my email campaign?
Online merchants in particular need to be well prepared to go into the Black Weekend, which starts on November 29th. Of course, you can also start the campaign some days earlier. There are no legal requirements here. So, feel free to decide when you want to start your promotion days or offer your special offers and discounts beyond Cyber Monday.

Tip: Many customers don’t mind waiting for a month to make a purchase if they feel that they can get a good deal. You can use this knowleadge and send a teaser newsletter that announces your Black Friday sale – that will make your customers look forward to your offers!

3. How often can I communicate with my customers about the Black Weekend?
There is no fixed rule here. Our recommendation: Well-dosed and well-considered, your newsletters for the Black Weekend and Cyber Monday will certainly be well received by your subscribers. It can be appropriate to send a newsletter everyday, if you can offer different discounts in every mail. However, reminding your customers of your Black Friday sale every day without adding new promos or information will only make your recipients unsubscribe.But overall, it is entirely up to you how often you want to communicate with your customers before, during and after the Black Weekend.

  • Think about when and to whom you want to offer which products and offers.
  • It is best to set a timeline on which days, which offer or which newsletter should be sent out.

To make your life easier we recommend you set up an automation workflow for your Black Friday campaign. In the next article we will deal with this topic in more detail.

4. Which channels can I use in addition to email marketing?
In addition, you could use advertisements in social media in which you announce special deals for your newsletter subscribers. Here you can define your target group very precisely!

  • Facebook Ads: Dynamic Product or Video Ads on Facebook
  • Instagram ads as posts or stories
  • YouTube banners
  • Twitter ads
  • Snapchat ads


Look forward to many new newsletter recipients!

5. How can I prepare for the next Black Friday?
A clever marketeer always reflects on the success of their promotions. To further increase your newsletter openings and sales on the next Black Weekend, we recommend you utilize the numbers from your reporting: Take a look at what worked well, what still needs to be improved in your campaign and how your workflow can be optimized. Read more about Reporting & Tracking here.

Our extra tip

In our backend we provide you with newsletter templates for Clever Friday with which you can easily create your Black Friday newsletter.

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