How to Create a Stunning Easter Newsletter

Easter is right around the corner and you're still looking for inspiration for your Easter emails?

You’re not alone. As a blogger, online shop operator and marketer, you’re facing the challenge of developing a campaign for occasions like Easter and successfully communicate your message with one or several emails. Email marketing can be tough. All of a sudden, tons of questions pop up: What do I have to keep in mind when designing my newsletter and when is the right time to send and promote my Easter campaign? Do I start my Easter campaign before or during Easter?

Well, let’s get started.

We’ve put together a basket full of Easter ideas, tips & tricks to make your Easter campaign a colorful masterpiece. But let’s start from the top.


1. Why Easter is the Perfect Occasion to Send a Newsletter
2. What do I have to do before I start creating my Easter emails?
3. The Perfect Easter Subject Line
4. The Perfect Body Text for Your Easter Newsletter
5. How to Make Your Easter Newsletter Shine


1. Why Easter is the Perfect Occasion to Send a Newsletter

For many people, Easter primarily is about chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs, but there’s an infinite number of other products that you can promote perfectly with an Easter campaign. Food baskets, decorative items, flowers, trips, beauty products or homemade items – Easter is for everyone. Both online shops and DIY blogs benefit from boosting sales and traffic on their website on Easter.

Easter is not all about searching for Easter eggs. Before you start, think of the following: What do you have that your customers want? What kind of promotion fits your needs and your products, and do you have enough resources for your campaign?

Brainstorming for Online Shop Operators and DIY-Bloggers


Do I want to offer an Easter discount or just promote certain products in my Easter email? Is a raffle the right way to surprise my recipients or should I send personal greetings and bring my business back to their minds? …


Should I offer an Easter discount on my next workshop or engage my customers with ecofriendly upcycling ideas? Do I have resources to present the latest DIY trends in a video and promote them with an Easter newsletter? …

What do you want to achieve with your Easter email marketing? 

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2. What do I have to do before I start creating my Easter emails?

Think about the goals of your Easter campaign. Who do you want to reach with your Easter campaign? It doesn’t always make sense to send your newsletter to all your recipients. The next step is to think about the Easter message you want to spread amongst your subscribers. Do I want my recipients to sign up for my next DIY workshop or redeem an Easter discount? If there’s too many different things going on in your newsletter, your readers may drop out reading it.

• Which goal do I pursue with my promotion?
• Who do I want to address with my emails?
• What’s the message of my newsletter? 

If you know an answer to all these questions, it’ll be easier to create the subject line and content of your Easter emails.

Consider your newsletter template an Easter basket you can design creatively and fill with targeted content for Easter. It’s your goal to fill your basket in a way that recipients find exactly the content they need and inspire them to click and buy.

We have created two brand new Easter templates for your Easter newsletter that you can customize to your needs and use for your Easter campaign. It’s up to you whether you want to use your own email template or our CleverReach Easter templates.

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3. The Perfect Easter Subject Line

It’s the mix. Your subject line should be short and precise – but feel free to spice it up with creativity and humor. You decide whether you want to arouse interest with your Easter subject or rather briefly summarize the content of your newsletter. Try to go for the highlight of your Easter email and put it in your subject line. Opinions differ as to how long your subject line should be. Some say, only 30-40 characters are ideal, others say that everything up to 70 characters is displayed in the inbox. You most certainly can’t do anything wrong by using 50-60 characters. Simply test what’s well-received by your recipients. If you’re not sure which way to go, we recommend doing an A/B test for your subject line to getting to know the preferences of your recipients better. Easter is also the perfect occasion to add suitable icons to your subject line.

Subject Line Inspiration for Your Easter Emails


This works:

Discover our great Easter Discounts. Bunny, steady, go!

Win Easter Basket and Relish Delicious Easter Days!

20% Pre-Easter Discount until Good Friday.

Hey bunny, treat yourself to some delicious Easter specialties.

10% off! Fill Your Easter basket with your favorite pieces!


This doesn’t work:

Guaranteed! Incredible Easter Discounts starting Tomorrow!

(The word “guaranteed“ often is a spam trigger and leads to your newsletter ending up in the trash folder. It also doesn’t sound positive.)

Search and you shall find great Easter Offers on our website.

(The reader might get the feeling they have to actively search for your offers. The subject is also is bit too long and unemotional.)

The Easter Bunny is on his way and brings a 10% discount on lots of bestsellers.

(The incentive for opening your email is at the end of your subject line. The reader might miss the offer, as sometimes not all of the subject line is displayed properly in the inbox.)


This works:

10 DIY trends that brighten up your Easter Days

Easter Upcycling Ideas for Your Flower Decorations!

One, two, three – this Easter egg’s for me.

Open Easter-DIY-Cart and rejoice!

Today: 15% off Easter-DIY-Workshop!


This doesn’t work:

Click! Amazing Easter Tips for Bloggers! From Flatlay to the perfect photo.

(This subject line contains too much info and is too long.)

20% off my „Flower Decorations“ webinar

(The topic “Easter“ doesn’t appear in this subject.)

Looking forward to Easter?

(This subject line doesn’t say much about the content of your newsletter.)

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 4. The Perfect Body Text for Your Easter Newsletter

Many people think it’s extremely easy to write a text for your Easter newsletter body in no time. After all, it’s no Easter tale you have to write. But most of them then face the challenge that a short and crisp text is harder to phrase than a whole story.

As mentioned before: Before you start, think about what’s the core message of your Easter email. Of course, it’s about your Easter promotion, but exactly do you want the recipient to do when they open your newsletter? Do you want them to sign up for a workshop or redeem a coupon code?

We have put together a collection of tips that help you phrase an appealing body text for your newsletter.

1. Use active phrases to encourage your readers to take action.
2. Avoid long and complex sentences. Short and crisp phrases make your email an easy read.
3. A positive wording sets your readers in a good mood. After all, you want to send your recipients some Easter vibes and get them into a spending spree.
4. Keep the text length manageable. Your recipients want to know within seconds what your newsletter is about and what they can expect from it.
5. Depending on your target group you should decide on how to address them. Is your target group male or female, teens or adults?

Small, But Oh My! The CTA in Your Easter Newsletter

The Call-to-Action (CTA) often appears inconspicuous and plays (probably unintentionally) a rather subordinate role in many newsletters. But it definitely should be! A call-to-action should be placed in a clearly visible and targeted manner and encourage the interested customer to click on the button.

If you put your CTA button more in the focus of your Easter email, there is a high probability that your Easter campaign will be even more successful.

1. If you’re talking about more than one topic in your newsletter, place your CTA directly under or next to the relevant text and not at the end of your newsletter.

2. If you only include one topic in your newsletter, it makes sense to place the CTA button at the top.

3. Make it stand out. Don’t design your button too small or use boring colors. Let your button shine!

4. Make the text of your button short and activating. The reader should know exactly what to expect. “Get Easter inspiration”, “Get Easter Discount”, “Sign Up for Easter Workshop”…

5. Make sure you place the correct link behind your CTA, to avoid your recipients ending up with a nasty surprise.


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5. How to Make Your Easter Newsletter Shine

First impressions count. We all know that. The same applies to your Easter email and all newsletters to follow. But what makes a professional and aesthetic design?

Image databases like Panther Media offer a great collection of suitable images for every occasion, e.g. your Easter campaign. However, it make sense to not overload your email with images. Also, a well-balanced picture and text ratio, as well as a sensible placement of the pictures in your Easter newsletter will ensure a good structure, which will be perceived as pleasant by the reader. A flood of motifs and different colors and fonts quickly causes confusion and may lead to quickly losing prospective customers.

I could write a whole post only on that topic. At this stage, however, I only want to focus on the points relevant for your Easter campaign.

Design Tips for Your Easter Emails

– Even if Easter is a colorful occasion, your choice of colors and images should still match your Corporate Identity and your products.

– Cute little Easter bunnies and colorful chocolate eggs are popular Easter motifs. But why not break fresh ground? You can even do without these motifs completely or use Easter motifs for your newsletter that are less colorful and cheesy.

– Image databases offer lots of suitable material. Take your time to find the right Easter image. This way you avoid choosing the first best picture and you end up with a picture that really fits your message and Easter campaign perfectly.

– Sometimes it is worth spending a little more money on several motifs or a series of images that you can also use for other communication channels. Invest in a (hobby) photographer who, for example, has experience with product photography and a knack for professional presentation or staging.


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When is the Right Time to Send My Easter Newsletter?

Starting with the first idea, the subject line, text, CTA, design and searching for images, we have covered almost everything you need to know to create your Easter newsletters. Now it’s time to start brainstorming, planning, implementing and then off you go! Which brings us to the last point of your Easter campaign. When’s the best time to send your Easter campaign? A couple of weeks or days before Easter or during the Easter holidays? Well, that’s totally up to you, as it depends on your kind of promotion and if, for example, ordered products can be delivered on time. CleverReach allows you to schedule the sending time of your Easter campaign in advance. This way, you can enjoy your Easter holidays and still send your newsletter automatically at the time you want it to be sent out.


Easter is not all about Easter bunnies and eggs. Online retailers offering various products, as well as DIY bloggers experience an increase in traffic and sales at Easter. Start planning your Easter campaign now. Take your time for implementing your newsletters and keep in mind: less is sometimes more. Get inspired by our tips and make your Easter newsletter a masterpiece.

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