Black Friday Campaign: Want to run an Email Marketing Automation?

Black Friday Kampagne: E-Mail Marketing Automation von CleverReach

Get started with an automated email marketing campaign on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With our free automation template, it's easier than ever!

True hunters of the discount treasure have long marked this special Friday at the end of November red in their calendar – and are nevertheless happy, like everyone else, about a reminder in advance via newsletter. Even more so if the newsletter inform them already about the hottest deals. After all, a discount festival like this needs to be planned.

Takeoff with automated email marketing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! With the help of our automation tool THEA, you leave nothing to chance with your Black Weekend newsletter campaign:

  • Use our ready-made automation templates for your Black Friday campaign, which we are providing for you in our newsletter tool.
  • Or create your own multi-level email campaign in the modular principle for your Black Friday countdown using our automation tool.
  • Simple newsletter templates make designing your Black Friday campaign even easier: Choose a suitable template for your emails and customise it according to your wishes.
  • And it gets even easier: With our AI-based content generator, you receive suggestions for your Black Friday newsletter texts at the touch of a button!

Black Friday Campaign: Good Planning is Half the Battle

Come up with exciting ideas for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email marketing campaign that will bring your customers directly to your online shop. Our automation tool makes it possible to generate email marketing campaigns quickly and easily – even without programming knowledge. Your BFCM (=Black Friday Cyber Monday) is created step by step well arranged on your visual drawing board.

How can a Black Friday Automation be constructed?

  • To make sure costumers are not surprised by your hot Black Friday offers and discounts, launch the Black Friday sale promotion with advance notices and build anticipation with regular mailings.
  • Black Friday is finally here! Your newsletter for the big shopping day is already eagerly awaited. Now is the time for your subscribers to find out about the special deals you planned.
  • After Black Friday is before Cyber Monday: Create an offer extension with more surprises!

Quick start with simple Black Friday automation

Black Friday E-Mail Marketing Automation – Vorlage von CleverReach

You want to start with an automation for your BFCM actions at short notice? Use our ready-to-use email routes “Unterstand your Cyber Week promotions” and “Send for Clever Friday”.  You can find both of them under “Automations – extended workflow”. To get there, log in and select the item “Automations” in the side menu. Afterwards click on “extended workflow” and then on the respective automation route. Both automation templates are simply designed so that you can still send your Black Friday automation at short notice.

Multi-level automation for your Black Friday campaign – including instructions

Black Friday Kampagne: Kostenlose Automationsvorlage von CleverReach

For all those who would rather create a multi-level email automation for the entire month of November, we have prepared something: A comprehensive template for a Black Friday automation! Be inspired by our automated newsletter route for your Black Friday campaign and adopt individual parts or the entire route straight away. You can find the free automation template “Sell at BFCM” in the CleverReach Newsletter Tool under the menu item “Automation – advanced workflows”.

Our step-by-step instructions tell you how to easily create the automation based on our template. You can download the instructions as a PDF free of charge:

Download free PDF guide

1. Arouse anticipation

Our tip: Start your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign as early as possible. Black Friday takes place every year at the end of November, one day after the American Thanksgiving – but the first newsletters can already be sent out at the beginning of November. Ring the bell for the busiest period of the year with an anticipation email.

A note for the hottest shopping day of the year is great – a teaser is even better. Beginn with one of your sale promotions. An announcement with the first smaller offer, exclusive products or giveaways can awaken Black Friday anticipation. There are not limits for your Black Friday email marketing ideas.

2. Catch non-openers

Despite an irresistible subject line and great offers, non-openers of your Black Friday anticipation email still exists. However you want non-openers to benefit from your Black Weekend anticipation offers too, so you can send them a follow-up email as a reminder. On the other hand, those who opened your newsletter should not be contacted again.

In order to specifically address non-openers, we use a filter feature in our automation section, hidden behind the heart symbol. Filtering can be done according to recipient actions, such as opening an email or clicking on a link. With the help of the filter feature you can specifically contact the non-openers of your Black Friday sale emails and send them a follow-up newsletter. Come up with a powerful subject line to elicit a clock from the recipients.

3. Increase anticipation

To get your recipients even more excited about the Black Friday sale, continue with your newsletter campaign one after the other. Depending on how intensive you want to make the countdown to Black Friday, add more emails to your automation.

Now you costumer can look forward to great Black Friday deals.  But they don’t know – yet – what those deals will include. There might be huge discounts on all items? Then the question arises whether the desired article will be available in sufficient quantity, in the right size or design at the start of the promotion.

Therefore, point out in further teaser emails that desired items could be out of stock on Black Friday. Who wants to be on the safe side, should secure their favorite items ahead of time.

For some customers, the more urgently needed products and personal must-haves directly end up in the shopping cart instead of on the BFCM wishlist.

4. On Black Friday: Take off via newsletters!

The day has finally come: The greatest shopping day of all times! Thanks to your well-planned email marketing automation, your campaign continues to run like clockwork and your newsletter recipients are eagerly awaiting your Black Friday email. That’s were you reveal the secret of your Black Friday offers: Discounts, special offers, discount codes, extra bonuses, free shipping – reward you customers with amazing deals. It will also pay off for you.

Thanks to email automations it’s easy to send new offers daily or even announce flash sales that are only available within a certain time frame. And while your customers are happily  filling their shopping carts, you can sit back and relax and look forward to great sales!

Tip: Oftentimes Black Friday is the starting signal for Christmas shopping. Mention this in your Black Friday campaign and combine words like “present”, “Christmas” and  “deals” in your subject headline.

5. Cyber Monday: Automated Discount Extension

Last Orders please: The Black Weekend may be over, but we’re giving extension. After Black Friday is before Cyber Monday. Offer your customers a last chance to get discounts in your (online) shop.

Again you are spoilt for choice when it comes to designing your Cyber Monday offer:

  • Simply extend your Black Weekend campaign by one day
  • Surprise your customer with new deals

Have you been inspired by our guide for the Black Weekend email automation route or have you adopted the automation chain altogether? Now you can tick off one important module of your Black Weekend campaign: The planning.

Free newsletter templates for your Black Friday campaign

What’s missing now? The design of the newsletter! For your Black Friday campaign, you can of course fall back on your tried and tested email templates. If you don’t have a template yet or are just starting with CeverReach, we recommend our free newsletter templates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These even contain already prepared text examples and are already optimised for newsletter dispatch. Of course, you can add further elements to the selected template in the newsletter editor and adapt it according to your wishes.

Inspiration for your Black Friday newsletter texts

The email automation and design of your newsletter is ready – now you need convincing texts and content for your successful Black Friday campaign. With CleverReach’s AI content generator, you receive creative text examples for your Black Friday newsletters at the touch of a button, which you can adopt or be inspired by. In this way, you can save additional valuable time and easily fill your automation emails with life.

In any text field of your newsletter, clicking on the robot symbol will take you directly to our content generator. Based on the command you enter, the AI creates individual texts for your newsletters. Of course, you can then adapt the suggestions further according to your wishes.

Ask the AI content generator for e.g.

  • ideas for discount promotions
  • meaningful subject lines
  • newsletter texts
  • Call-to-action buttons

And your Black Friday campaign is ready – thanks to smart automation, our tool takes care of sending your Black Friday campaign for you!

In our article “15 Best Practice Examples for your Black Friday Newsletter” you can read more helpful tips and ideas for your Black Friday newsletter.

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