Make your newsletter create happy feelings :-)

Inspire your customers with relevant benefits

How your added value becomes a “newsletter openerÔÇŁ.

E-mails are still the most popular and most frequently used form of communication on the World Wide Web. Nevertheless, many newsletters end up getting lost in the masses and the work you invested was entirely for the bin or trash. What is the reason for this?

At this point every newsletter writer can ask himself: “Is my newsletter really worth reading?┬áor, “Do I offer my customers meaningful added value?”

Today, users research quickly on the Internet. Products and services are thus becoming increasingly comparable. But what can you do to stand out with your brand, your products or your service?

To satisfy your costumers, it is important to create content that makes your brand, your service or your products even more desirable.


Inspire your customers with relevant benefits.

Solve a problem or meet the needs of your customers (subscribers). Find out what your target group wants, what they are interested in and what they desire. It is always worthwhile to think about it in peace. After all, you do want your newsletter to be opened and that the customer puts YOUR product and not your competitor’s product in the shopping basket and goes to the checkout with a happy feeling.

Depending on the target group and product range the certain extra for your newsletter can be quite different. You can reach your customers most successfully if you offer them added value with relevant content, attractive or tailor-made offers or helpful tips. It’s always about making your customers’ lives easier, increasing their satisfaction and making their day a little better.

It is not important that it is a physical gift. ItÔÇÖs always about added value and that can vary greatly. Mail order companies for clothing, for example, can include a relevant added value for summer styling in their newsletters. With creative styling ideas you inspire and help your subscribers to an optimal styling and at the same time place your products creatively in the foreground.

Create your jeans style for cool summer vibes

Combine pink and green to a hot jungle look!

8 “On-tops” that make your newsletter more attractive and worth reading:┬á

  • seasonal offers
  • Tailor-made product suggestions
  • individualized birthday greetings + birthday discount
  • Styling ideas from head to toe
  • Type advice E.g. Which furnishing type do you belong to?
  • Gift ideas for special occasions
  • Discount promotions + code
  • Getting to know vouchers
  • e-books


To make a difference it is not enough to position yourself on a low price or on special offers alone. Position yourself with a clever added value strategy and offer your customers tangible and tangible added values that inspire. Whether it’s helpful information, checklists, tips or discounts – you can always build a relationship with your customers with relevant added value.

Make sure that your subscribers are already looking forward to the next newsletter when they open your newsletter.


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