7 festive newsletter ideas for service providers

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7 festive newsletter ideas for service providers

There are still a few weeks left before Christmas – enough time to connect with new clients and regulars with a festive newsletter campaign. Use your head start to set your business apart from the competitors!

Not only retailers profit from holiday spendings – small companies and clubs can participate in the Christmas business, too! In 2017, the average American spent more than $ 900 on gifts alone. Service providers can  get a slice of that cake by enticing clients with attractive offers.

Sounds like a lot of work? It does not have to be! Besides decorating your premises and homepage, you can also use festive newsletters to get your clients in the mood for Christmas shopping. Simply adapt our ideas for your very own creative holiday emails:

7 Christmas newsletter ideas for service providers

1. Give thanks: Christmas is a great opportunity to stay in contact with your clients and to say thank you for the past year together. Tell them about the successes you achieved with them and what you are looking forward to in the next year.
2. Make an invitation: Whether it’s an open house, student performance or a workshop – events can attract both regulars and prospective new clients, who can experience your company first hand and maybe even make their first purchase here. Use your newsletters to advertise your events and to communicate limited attendance.
3. Use vouchers: Make a case for less materialism by offering vouchers for your services. A music school can give away free trial lessons, the gym a course for beginners, the realtor a free property evaluation. These positive experiences can turn clients and prospects into fans!
4. Offer free downloads: Music sheets for popular Christmas carols, cookie recipes or a cute calendar for the following year; free downloads are like small gifts that increase customer retention at almost no cost. Which knowledge can you give your clients for free?
5. Make special deals for Christmas: Offer some services from your portfolio at a discount price for the duration of the holiday season. You can also make consultation or trial sessions available at a smaller price. Especially prospective clients are attracted by these trial offers, which can easily be turned into binding proposals.
6. Activate your clients: Hands-on activities are fun for everybody and are your chance to make use of your clients’ input. If you have a business that’s all about handicraft, you could make a contest for kids, where the most creative submission will be rewarded with a small prize. Or you can call for all success stories that your clients experienced with your service – which you in turn could use to advertise your business.
7. Be a partner for New Year’s resolutions: After Christmas, the new year is not far away. Many people use the opportunity to make resolutions for that new beginning – be part of it with a matching master plan! Whether it is a new fitness course or a meal plan for the weight loss, beginner’s workshops to start a new hobby, a coaching to quit smoking or saving tips from the financial advisor: get closer to your clients by supporting their resolutions with your expertise.

Staying in touch with clients made easy: Email Automation

Your ideas are flowing and now you want to start with a whole email series, for example an Advent calendar? Use the beginner-friendly email automation THEA by CleverReach, to simply create and automatically send your newsletters – over and over again.

Our clever automation makes email marketing easy: you determine which mails you want to add to your automated series and when they should be sent. For example, your series can start whenever a new client signs up for your newsletter. With our tool, many processes of email marketing will be facilitated, while you can enjoy many advantages:

• Email automation is cost effective, because it conserves resources
• you can stay close to your clients more effortlessly
• address different recipient-groups separately, but at the same time
• professional appearance of your business

Spread holiday cheer with your newsletters!

Service providers can profit from the shopping mood of their clients during the holiday season. With clever newsletters that offer festive discounts and creative content, you can turn occasional buyers into regulars and prospective clients into fans of your business!

You can find a whole checklist of all the steps you can take before sending your holiday newsletter here.

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