Want to know how email-marketing can help build your brand?

Take the time to define your values.

Great! So let’s get started. Before we go into the details and explain how and why email marketing  can help you to successfully  build your brand, let’s start off with some basics that help you to define and develop your brand.

First of all, it is important to study the market and the company comprehensively, in order to verify if it corresponds to the proposed positioning, thus, set up a planning goal. Then take the time to define your values. The better you define them, the sooner you will find an audience that shares the same values. In addition, you should know how you want to communicate the positioning, including communication tools such as your logo, wording, advertising, branding and strategies in search and social media networking sites. Know who you are and get to know your target group. Sounds easy at first, but building a brand is always a process and doesn’t happen overnight. It can take you months or even years. But investing time and putting in the effort will result in establishing long-term relationships with your target group, customers and subscribers. A successful brand also has to be consistent in communication and experience.

Here is a short overview of possible communication tools:

1. Environment
2. Print, signage, packaging
3. Website and online advertising
4. Content marketing and social media
5. Sales and customer service

All these tools can lead to a steady increase in sales, more projects, word of mouth referrals and turning your customers into loyal fans. But let’s focus on your email marketing tool. Besides social media, mobile devices, interactivity and dynamism, email marketing is the most effective tool to develop brand awareness. And it also is one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums. In addition, none of the other mediums provide the direct, consistent interactions as email marketing does. Why is this so? Email marketing provides you to target customers in the place they visit almost every day – their inbox.

Building your brand with email marketing

Email marketing is the choicest tool to build brand awareness, increase attention and convert prospects. So, check out some tips for finding a way of being present for your target group, getting connected, creating exclusive ties and strengthening your relationship with your costumers.

1. Personality and wording
Do you want to be friendly and at ease, or more serious? Technical or emotional? Informative or entertaining? The personality and the wording of your brand should always be consistent within all touchpoints with your customers. Keeping to a tone will build the confidence and reliability in your brand, message and products.

2. Email Campaign Templates
Your costumers should be able to recognize your brand the moment they receive your email. The best way to establish this is to use an email template that is in line with the company’s objectives. Fonts, colors, call to action buttons, logo and more should be in line with your company’s objectives. Newsletters that contain graphics and photos also tend to perform better than word-based emails.

3. A welcome email opens doors
Still there are many businesses that don’t send out welcome emails to their subscribers. They don’t seem to be aware that the welcome email is a great chance to creating a tie and to set the tone for future emails. Welcoming and informing the newly subscribed user will make them feel more valued and makes your brand more personal.

4. Create a matching landing page
There is nothing more annoying, than clicking a call to action button and not being able to find the offer directly or, even worse, being presented a landing page, that doesn’t contain the promised offer at all. If you are asking for the customer to carry out a task, make sure they know what the task is. Keep things easy, clear and simple.

5. Offer your customers solutions
Communicating with your subscribers means more than sending them special offers. A brand that is only interested in sales doesn’t show interest in their costumers and doesn’t give them the opportunity to identify with your brand. The most effective way to ensure that your costumers remain loyal to your brand, is to offer them valuable information, helpful tips and simple solutions. That way they stay engaged and look forward to your next newsletter.


Developing brand awareness with email marketing needs time to develop a recognition factor as well as the right wording for campaigns. In addition, a personal communication, consistency and providing solution-focused content also play a major roll. Remember to make sure that your subscribers are looking forward to a message from you.

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