Employee marketing II: Your newsletter for more satisfaction!

How your employees become loyal and enthusiastic fans!

Your internal communication is one of the most important factors for successful and productive cooperation within the company. Because as an executive you automatically influence the corporate culture with your employee communication. This has a high affect on the motivation of your employees. An open and transparent dialogue and the appreciation of their performance are therefore important points for satisfaction and team cohesion.

4 tips to successfully address your employees with your newsletter.

1 Information

With your newsletter, primarily relevant information is passed on to your employees. Here you can also specifically publish certain information to a department or part of the employees by, for example, segmentation.

2 Dialog

Information is good and important, but only an open dialogue gives your employees the feeling of being in exchange. Motivate your employees to react and provide feedback. In this way you give them the chance to react to the content imparted. Your employees will be happy to get in touch with you. At the same time, you promote the “we-feeling” in the company or within the teams.

3 Motivation

An important goal of corporate communication is your employee motivation. Firstly, because it motivates most employees to perform better, but also to reduce employee turnover. A transparent, regular exchange turns your employees into fans who stick with you even when things are not always running smoothly.

4 Knowledge transfer

Your employees can share their knowledge with executives and colleagues to provide a helpful and inspiring flow of information. Seminars as well as further education or new developments are an ideal occasion to pass on the acquired knowledge to all or just to a certain group of employees.

6 possible occasions for sending an internal newsletter.

  1. Changes and innovations in the company (further branches, opening up new markets, internationalisation, etc.)
  2. Invitations to events, meetings or training courses
  3. Employee surveys
  4. Annual reports or presentations
  5. Knowledge transfer e.g. after seminars or coaching etc.
  6. Personnel notifications (new arrivals, birth of a baby, weddings, etc.)

Of course, there are lots more topics you can communicate with your internal employee newsletter.


Professional e-mail marketing creates networks and strengthens the employees’ identification with your company. Last but not least it increases satisfaction and contributes to your employees becoming fans!

Use the summer time to inform, motivate and above all to make your employees your fans with the CleverReach newsletter software.


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