Employee marketing. Recommendable or totally unnecessary?

4 tips that allow you to make optimum use of your employee newsletters.

Does one really need employee marketing, some may ask themselves? Well, maybe the following situations sound familiar to you. Your employees are often informed too late, incompletely or via detours in regard to innovations in the company? Or are often even surprised by faits accomplis? This happens in almost all companies. Where many people communicate with each other (or not), mistakes and misunderstandings occur. And this often causes discontent among the employees. Which is absolutely understandable.

Finally, the corridor radio is neither a reliable communication channel nor is it sufficient to bring employees up to date with relevant and up-to-date information in good time.

In addition, employee communication is about much more than just passing on information. Employee marketing is also always about appreciation, motivation and employee retention.

Here we show you how you can build a bridge to your employees with the CleverReach newsletter software.

4 tips that allow you to make optimum use of your employee newsletters.

Inform professionally.

CleverReach offers you numerous templates from which you can choose a suitable format and design for your newsletter. Starting from the layout, up to the contents like pictures or texts, you can implement your employee newsletter fast and simple. Our advice: Get yourself early support for the planning and development of the newsletter from your colleagues and other departments.

Inform regularly.

Whether spontaneously or regularly: Stay in dialogue with your employees. Plan the dispatch of your newsletters in advance and pay attention to a relevant information mix that appeals to your employees.

Inform promptly.

New products, personnel changes, marketing news or planned activities? Keep an eye on these topics and schedule them for your newsletter.

Involve your employees.

Start a dialogue and involve your employees at an early stage. For example, ask your employees for feedback. Employees who feel left out identify less with the company. Create a sense of togetherness by involving them.


Invest specifically in your newsletter employee marketing and use all possibilities that the responsive templates of CleverReach offer you. You will soon realize that your employees will appreciate an open and transparent dialogue. Many companies have already experienced that greater long-term success can be achieved with motivated employees.

Use the silly season to inform and motivate your employees with CleverReach newsletter software and to communicate openly with them.


Teaser: Look forward to the second part to follow. There we’ll show you how your newsletter employee marketing can help to make your employees become your fans.


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