Best Practice: Email Automation for Service Providers

Sabine Kowalski
Content Marketing Managerin

You are a service provider, want to make the lives of your clients easier - and you want to communicate that, too?

With email automation, you can do that efficiently and with almost no effort. In this post we show you 3 best practice examples of how service providers can utilize email automation for their businesses.

No matter if you are a provider of a CRM, CMS, telephone provider or craftsman; you can increase the success of your business with newsletters that offer instructions and further information to your clients. Here’s where email automation can come in handy, because frequently asked questions can be answered in automated newsletters, over and over again. You only have to set up your autoresponder emails once!

Introduce new clients to your service or keep in touch with current customers. By doing so, you can make them loyal fans of your company! In 3 practical examples we will show you how other businesses use email automation for that purpose:

Example 1: Welcome series

If your service is so convincing that clients registered to your site, it’s time to really bring it home. Since most people are not motivated enough to peruse your website for features and special offers on their own, an automated newsletter series can be a clever way to make clients aquainted with your service – and to ultimately make them fall in love with what you do!

Especially right after registration, your client may not know how to use your service. That’s why the software provider Zapier sends out links to instructional content to prevent clients from becoming passive members of their service:

Example 2: Introducing services

Do you offer free services for clients and readers? That’s great! But often, these goodies go unnoticed by your users because normally, people rarely visit company sites. Attract customers and interested people to your site with a “service” newsletter series.

New features and updates can also be incorporated into your emails. Take 500px for an example: they introduce a new integration with only a few, but very precise words that make the reader curious enough to click for more:

Example 3: You may also be interested in …

You can find out a lot about your clients by tracking their behavior (doing so in a GDPR-compliant way, of cause), for instance about their interests. Clicks and opening rates, as well as personal information, tell you what your clients want to know and what they need. Automated emails, separated by topic, always meet your customers’ taste, since you know that they are already interested what you send them.

You can also use that knowledge to do upselling. A good example of a follow-up email is this one by LivingSocial, who offer their readers special deals according to their place of residence:

Further ideas to use automated newsletters for your services:

• “Please rate us!”: Obtain ratings
• “Help us to become even better!”: Customer Surveys
• “Thank you”-email (as confirmation e.g. after registration or purchase)
• “Others also bought…”: Share positive customer feedback
• „Did you know?“: FAQ series


Email automation is a great way to respond to typical activities of clients. Also, service providers can profit from the technology by sending relevant information about their business and services to increase customer retention. Segmenting the recipient list by interests and activities of the clients can make your automated emails even more effective, because you always send relevant information, only!

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