7 Ways to Individualize Your Workflows

Sabine Kowalski
Content Marketing Managerin

You want to individualize your newsletters? Segmentation is the magic word!

Quickly targe treaders who share a particular trait or behavior and only offer content that is relevant to them.

What Is Segmentation?

In direct marketing you can be sure that one size does not fit all. To keep your subscribers interested, you need to offer them individualized content. This is where segmentation can help you. Based on their activities and their profiles, you can divide the contacts on your mailing list into different groups.

For example, you can divide your list based on personal information such as gender. This simple way of segmentation can come in handy especially in e-commerce .But it is just one of many possibilities to individualize your workflows!

7 ideas how you can segment your contacts

1. Birthdays and anniversaries: Once a year, you can congratulate your subscribers to their birthdays, and maybe add a little voucher as a gift. Also, you can reward their loyalty after a certain amount of time passed since their registration.
2. Segment by age: The age of your readers reveals a lot about their income and interests. Create your workflows accordingly!
3. Location: Do you have events or seminars in your portfolio? Locate your subscribers and offer these events specifically to those who live nearby.
4. Device: Separate offers for Android- and Apple-users, desktop vs. mobile
5. Interests: Do your readers systematically click on certain product categories in your newsletters? Or do they look for useful advice? Segment your mailings according to the interests of your subscribers.
6. Conversion / Up-Selling: A person who just bought a mobile phone might as well be in need of a phone case. Compile products that match higher-priced products and send this information as a follow-up to your customer.
7. Premium membership: If your customer spends a certain amount of money on your products or services, you may offer them additional benefits via email, such as exclusive previews, special offers or personal support.

Depending on the characteristics of your customers, you can segment your mailing list, pre-compile workflows and send them out automatically. Of course, several workflows can also be linked together, because several characteristics can apply to one person.


Customize your messages! If you have already collected insights about your subscribers during registration and with your first mails, you can individualize the content of your newsletters accordingly. This allows you to deliver only relevant content and strengthen the loyalty of your readers. This page explains in detail how you assign personal characteristics to recipients and how to individualize your e-mails.

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