Let’s play tag! How tagging can increase your email marketing success

Sabine Kowalski
Content Marketing Managerin

Get closer to your recipients and talk to them like a friend.

Yes, that’s possible even with automated newsletters! Today, we tell you how tagging can help you to address your recipients as individually as possible.

Let’s say you have an event platform where you sell tickets to concerts in different cities. In your newsletters, you can easily advertize your events. To really succeed in your mission to sell tickets, you neither want to sell folk music to metal fans, nor a chanson evening to a hip hopper. In order to exclusively send information that is relevant to your readers, and to ultimately increase opening rates and conversions, you can use tagging.

What is tagging?

Tagging describes the action of marking or keywording and can be applied to photos, videos, texts, products, or even people. One of the most common tags is the hashtag (#) that you may know from Twitter or Instagram. You can categorize content or find what you’re searching for by using tags. This mechanism can also be applied to automated emails, so that you can specify and separate your recipients into different (target) groups.

Why use tags in email marketing?

Tagging can be valuable for your email marketing, because it facilitates the distribution of your content among different target groups. There are various advantages of tagging:

  • Group together all recipients who have the same tag
  • Reach only parts of the mailing list without sending one message twice to the same person
  • Facilitate organization and finding recipients
  • Get to know your recipients better
  • More individual approach increases success of communicative measures

What are practical examples of tagging in e-mail marketing?

A newsletter registration can apply a tag to the new recipient, triggering an automated welcome newsletter. Or separate readers who clicked a link in your email from those who didn’t. The more your recipients interact with your content, the easier it gets to give them tags that tell you more about their interests. That’s how you can reach them with relevant content;

  • Suggest products from your onlineshop based on categories, colors, patterns or materials that your readers clicked before
  • Send separate newsletters for your online magazine based on different tags
  • Categorize your recipients based on their level of knowledge (beginners vs. experts, i.e. for seminars)

Automatically successful – tagging and email automation

Your new dream team: combine email automation with tagging and profit from two useful features that complement each other perfectly.
For example: Somebody registers for your newsletter. If this person verified her interest via double-opt-in, a tag (i.e. “newsletter_registration”) will be given to her automatically over the CleverReach integration. This tag triggers an automated workflow that will be sent to every new recipient (i.e. welcome newsletters). Your advantage: only those people who get a new tag will be contacted with the workflow. Contacts who already exist in your mailing list will be ignored in this process and do not have to reread information for beginners.

Read here how to install your own tag-triggered automated newsletters.

It is also possible to give readers tags when they already are in the middle of your newsletter workflow. This is a useful feature whenever you want to understand the interests and behavior of your recipients. As we suggested before, you can distribute tags, so that you can separate active from passive recipients. Or you can allot tags according to the topics that your recipients can click in your newsletter. This way, you can direct different messages at various target groups.


Make more out of your recipients than just e-mail addresses; give them a personality! Increase the success of your email campaigns by grouping your recipients according to their behavior and contact them separately. Thanks to tag-based newsletters, the right information always arrives just where it is needed.

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