Read on to learn about the basics.

Has this happened to you? The delivery and open rate of your newsletters are quite reasonable – but your click through rate just bobbles along without reaching top scores. Now you’re wondering: What’s wrong? And: What can I do about it?

For a start: A good click rate shows that your subject arouses curiosity and that your recipients are hoping for interesting offers and exciting news in your email. However, with a rather expandable click rate, your newsletter doesn’t seem to meet your customers’ expectations. In this case it’s necessary to check the look and content of your mailings for coherence and adjust them if necessary. Read on to learn about the basics.

Tip 1: Make your newsletter eye candy

a) Layout

A poorly structured, chaotic mailing doesn’t make your recipients crave for more. That’s why clarity and structure are everything. The eye needs orientation, e.g. paragraphs, subheadings or bullet points. Don’t let colors and font sizes vary too much, though.

It’s best to gradually develop some fixed layouts for recurring topics. This leads to memorability and simplifies your work.

b) Images

No matter how meaningful your texts may be – the right image helps your recipients capturing your message better. Attractively illustrated, the content of your newsletter will be stuck in your recipients’ memories. For this purpose, there are countless image databases online, both free and paid. Which one you choose is a matter of taste on the one hand, and of budget on the other. However, when selecting images, always take enough time to ensure that the picture language is appropriate and consistent and suits the “message”.

Want to integrate product images? Make sure to have top quality images with a high resolution, so your customers can’t help but want them.

By the way: Read our article about the perfect choice of images  to add a few insider tips to your knowledge of the topic.

Tip 2: Hit, sunk! Tailored content never misses its target

Offer your customers what they are interested in and what they need. No less, no more! How? First analyze customer behavior and then create segments within your recipient list based on your findings – e.g. according to characteristics such as

• private person or company,
• age,
• gender,
• already purchased products,
• typical purchase- and order times.

Instead of packing the entire product range in one email and sending it to all contacts in your database, you now divide your offer cleverly into target group-specific action mails (segmentation). The click rate in your newsletter will be correspondingly high.

Tip 3: Once-in-a-lifetime offers boost your click rates!

Everyone’s crazy about bargains! Make it clear right away in the subject line or at the latest in the pre-header that the content of your newsletter is a unique offer. This will give the recipient a sense of urgency and your click rate will skyrocket.

Examples of helpful signal words and phrases:

• 25 % off for the first 10 customers
• Low stocks
• While stocks last
• The last 100 …
• Summer Sale: 2 more days – get a good deal now
• 24 hours shopping countdown
• This weekend: Hot Swimwear Deals
• Don’t miss your chance
• Limited Edition/Special Edition
• Shh …. for girls only
• Everything must go!
• Today and tomorrow at a special price

Recommendation: Use these phrases sparingly and not in every mailing. Otherwise the effect will wear off quickly.

Have fun and success in increasing your newsletter click rate by sticking to the rule “Design + target group + urgency”.

You are already somewhat further with the development of your click rate and would like to go deeper into the matter? Then read our click rate article especially designed for advanced and professional users.

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