Customer Survey 2018: What our users plan for their e-mail marketing

Mareike Juds
Head of Marketing & Communication

What our users plan for their e-mail marketing

Beginning of this year we sent you our customer survey for your email marketing planning 2018 – and lots of you answered! Thank you very much for being part of it: Now we know a lot more about you. We see your answers as both an incentive and a mission to support you better and better. Here’s what we’ve learned about you:

Are you already active in email marketing?
The largest part of the participants in our survey, namely 80%, already actively pursues email marketing.

Do you plan more or less budget for email marketing in 2018?
Just as much as before…57%
More than before…42%
Less than before…1%

More than half of the survey participants want to plan as much budget for their email marketing as before, another 42% even want to increase their budget.

What share of the total marketing budget for 2018 will email marketing have?

Although email marketing is used by the majority of our survey participants, its share of the overall budget is rather modest: At 37 out of 100, the budget share is less than 10%, another 23 out of 100 plan a share between 11 and 20%. Is this a contradiction? Not at all! This is just an indication of the excellent value for money of newsletter marketing: you don’t have to invest much to reach your customers. With no other marketing measure, you have a roughly similar Return on Investment (ROI)!

What are your biggest challenges in 2018?
Expand recipient list…61%
Optimize processes during creation…36%
Improve delivery rates…36%
Optimize personalization…28%

Integrate new content formats…22%
Ensure Data Protection/E-Privacy…22%
Mobile email campaigns…20%

You have set yourself goals for your email marketing in order to be even more successful: Awesome! More than half of our respondents would like to expand their recipient list. Optimizing newsletter creation and improving delivery rates are also on the agenda. We see your challenges as our mission. That’s why we regularly provide you with descriptive tips on these and related topics. Find them here in our online magazine “Push”!

Which criteria are decisive for you when selecting an email marketing technology?
Ease of use…84%
High-performance technology…42%
Data security…41%

Recommendation/experience of other users…19%
Good advice…8%
Awareness of the provider…5%

User-friendliness for email marketing software is the most important criteria for our customers. Closely followed by the price, powerful technology and last but not least the data security. We are glad about that. Because, your most important criteria are also ours. So being with CleverReach is the best choice you could make.

In which specific areas do you want to invest?
Design of the mailings…53%
Automate workflows…43%
Send more emails…33%
New content formats such as video…30%

High-performance technology…13%

About half of the survey participants would like to invest in the design of their mailings. In second place comes the automation of processes. Excellent choice, because this keeps the investments for the third place assessable: Send more emails! Thanks to fully automated mailings, more emails are sent – without any additional effort!

Why don’t you use email marketing?
Nobody knows how to do it…46%
We don’t have the time ….42%
It’s too complicated for us ….12%

Non-consignors justified their inactivity by the fact that no one in their company knew about email marketing, closely followed by the statement that they had no time. This result immediately called the emergency intervention team of CleverReach on the plan! Contact our support, book an online seminar or just give it a try! You can’t do anything wrong. In the worst case you send emails to your recipients.

Here you will find the one pager of the customer survey:  cleverreach-customer-survey-2018_en.pdf


Participation in our survey was voluntary; all our newsletter subscribers were contacted. Of these, 1,790 people participated. Many thanks from the entire CleverReach team to our participants!

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