CleverReach: Updates, Features and Plugin News in Spring 2021

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New Features for CleverReach Customers

This spring doesn’t only bring back the good weather, it also holds lots of new updates and features for our customers! Today’s news post gives you an overview of what we at CleverReach have been working on for the past couple of months.

All News at a Glance:

New Features for CleverReach Customers

Send Automated Newsletters via RSS Feed

There’s a new email automation workflow in town: The RSS feed automation! Especially content creators like editors and bloggers benefit from this email format. Send automated newsletters via RSS feed to send a short teaser of your new content or show all of your new page content.

The timing of your automation is your personal choice: You decide whether you want to send daily emails, or updates every two weeks. You can also determine how old you want the posts to be you want to send out via newsletter.

Navigate to the THEA Automation Center in your account to find the RSS feed workflow in the “Multi-level Workflows” tab. Browse our help center for details on how to set up your own RSS feed email automation step by step.

Shorten Long Links with Our URL Shortener (Beta)

Especially in times of social media you can’t waste time – or characters! That’s why we have created an URL Shortener to shorten your long links with just one click. Customers with a paid plan can also create a preferred URL; this is for example good for URLs with UTM parameters. The new feature also allows you to generate QR codes for your links in your print media.

The Reporting of the feature shows you how many clicks the shortened URL generated on each channel. This allows you evaluate and compare different channels like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and even your print media with the QR code. This feature is also still a BETA version; if anything comes up while using it, please submit your feedback via support ticket.

Find out everything you need to know about the new URL Shortener.

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NPS Tool (Beta): Create Your Own Survey

Our new NPS tool allows you to insert customer surveys on your pages and evaluate the results in CleverReach. In NPS surveys, your customers can rate on a scale from 0-10 whether they’d recommend your business to others. You can also create “Yes/No” surveys with our feature, for example to find out about customer satisfaction. Simply create a survey in your CleverReach account and insert it in your website via source code.

Please note that this feature is still a BETA version. Technical errors may occur – if that’s the case, please turn to our support team to report your experience.

Learn more about the new NPS feature on our page on the Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool. Read our PUSHIII post on “Measuring Customer Satisfaction” to find out about the benefits that NPS surveys hold for you.

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CleverReach Feature Updates

Responsive Newsletter Signup Forms

Customers, who already use CleverReach signup forms can make them responsive with our latest update. This makes your signup form automatically adapt to the different screen sizes of the devices of your users. In our help center post “How will my Double-Opt-In form be responsive?” you can find instructions on how to switch your forms to responsive.

Forms created after February 2021 are already responsive. There’s nothing left to do for you!

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Extensions for Our Email Automation Tool THEA

To make your email automation more efficient, we have been working on some updates for our templates and the automation modules:

1. Notepad on the automation canvas: From now on you can use our new notepad to take notes for yourself when working on the automation workflow or leaving notes for other members of your team who have access to your CleverReach account. We used our existing automation templates to give you helpful tips and details on the template. The notepad does not affect your workflow in any way.

2. Advanced Delay Settings: Until now you could only use the delay module for your email automation workflows to determine the delay time until the next action in your workflow takes place. From now on it’s possible to select specific days of the weeks or time slots when you want to send out your email. For example, avoid to send your B2B emails to customers on a weekend, or sending out your emails at a time where low open rates are likely.

The “Wait for a date” setting allows you to select exact calendar dates and times for your email delivery. This is helpful for setting up an Advent Calendar or plan the start of a workshop in advance.

3. Copy Automation Workflows: You can now copy and save automation workflows you have already created in the past. To copy your automation workflow, simply open the template and click on the arrow next to the “Save” button above the canvas. The drop down menu shows you the option “Save copy”. Rename your copy and add a description for your workflow.

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New Automation Templates

We have revised our available automation templates and created the most common automation workflows for you. This includes follow up emails, abandoned cart emails, birthday newsletter or a welcome message after a newsletter subscription. Navigate to the multi-level workflows to get an overview of all new lifecycle automation templates.


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CleverReach Plugin News

Abandoned Cart Feature for Shopware and Magento

Our plugins for Shopware 5 and 6 and Magento 2 can now do Abandoned Cart Automations. Determine via the plugin in the shop system, when you want to send your automated abandoned cart emails. You can quickly design the corresponding newsletter yourself in your CleverReach account thanks to the preset abandoned cart email template.

Learn here how to use the abandoned cart feature in your plugin for Shopware 5, Shopware 6 and Magento 2.

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Coming Soon (Q2 2021)

Transactional Emails (Beta): Automatic System Emails

If you have your own shop, you’re gonna love this feature: Soon, CleverReach customers cannot only send commercial emails but also transactional emails. This includes order confirmations, the invoice and delivery status, but also account confirmations and “reset password” emails. You can send your transactional emails with CleverReach via SMTP. Benefit from a high deliverability due to CSA-certified servers. You can also track transactional email deliveries and bounces in the Reporting section.

As soon as this feature is available to our customers as a BETA version, you’ll get more details on how to use it.

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