CleverReach: Updates and Plugin News for Summer 2021

Sabine Kowalski
Content Marketing Managerin

Another quarter of this year is over - we used the time to deliver more updates and features!

Updates for current features in CleverReach

New features for the newsletter editor

We worked further on our new newsletter editor. Thanks to recent bug fixes, the beta version is now a bit more stable. There are also new features available to make your email marketing easier and more efficient:

  • Use emojis in subject line and preheader: Spice up your subject line with some funny emojis to increase your open rates! Here you can find more information about emojis for subject lines and preheaders.
  • Create automation mails with the beta editor: Up until now it was only possible to create mails with the new editor. Now you can also use it to build automation mails!
  • Saving your advanced settings: You told us that you’d like to save your individual settings in the email creation process. And we listened; As of now your latest changes in the advanced settings will be saved automatically. This way, you do not have to redo this step every time you send a newsletter.
  • Tag-based display of content: With the “eye” symbol you can decide for each content element in your newsletter, whether or not a recipient is supposed to see said content based. You can display or hide selected elements based on the tags your recipients have.

Plugin news from CleverReach

WooCommerce: Updates for v3 plugin

The WooCommerce plugin is now available in the updated version 3. Here you can use the following new features:

  • Decide, which of your customer are to be transferred as “active”: Before the initial import of your WooCommerce data you can choose whether you want to transfer all contacts, or just certain groups (newsletter recipients, customers or Other). Here you can find more detailed instructions for the import via plugin.
  • Bidirectional data exchange: WooCommerce data will be transferred to CleverReach and vice versa. Changes like subscriptions or unsubscribes will be applied in both systems.
  • Tagging according to your product range: Tags related to information such as product categories, product tags from WooCommerce, attributes and manufacturer infos will be generated automatically. These tags can be used for targeting and segmentation.

You can find these and more updates in the description for our WooCommerce plugin.

New plugin from our partner Apteco

The Apteco Marketing Suite newsletter plugin for CleverReach allows you to transfer relevant email marketing data into your Apteco account. Here you can visualize and analyze your findings, compare your KPIs and monitor the performance of different channels.

Since this is a third party plugin we kindly ask you to contact our Apteco partner manager Florian von Bracht in case of any requests regarding the integration.

Forecast for fall 2021

Updated image management

We expand the range of functions for the media library. In the course of the next quarter it will be possible to

  • rename images
  • search images
  • filter images
  • drag and drop images into different folders

This will make it easier for you to sort, find and use your pictures in your newsletters.

Transactional emails (Beta): Automation mails for the customer journey

Shop owners can look forward to this new release: starting with the third quarter of 2021, CleverReach customers will be able to not only send promotional newsletters, but also transactional emails. These include order confirmations, delivery status and invoice dispatch, but also account confirmations or “reset password” emails. SMTP makes it is possible to send your transactional emails with CleverReach. You benefit from high deliverability thanks to the CSA-certified server. In addition, it is also possible to track deliveries and bounces of your messages in a separate reporting for the transactional mails.

We will keep you updated with more information as soon as the feature enters the Beta stage.


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