New Newsletter Templates and Design Options – Product News Q4 2023

Sabine Kowalski
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new templates and more product news at CleverReach

Newsletters are now even easier to design with a variety of new templates and more design options in the CleverReach editor.

During the summer months we not only took some time off, but also worked on improving and enhancing our email marketing tool for you. There are many new email templates waiting for you, as well as some updated design options that will make it even easier for you to get started with newsletter marketing!

Template Catalog: New Template Selection with a Variety of Options

Neue Vorlagen für Ihre Newsletter

Our template selection has been greatly improved. Based on the CleverReach template documentation you now have a wide range of new newsletter templates at your disposal, which already have the right layout for you to use for different communication occasions. Whether it’s a birthday email, Black Friday or Christmas; the perfect template is already there waiting for your content!

In the new “Template Catalog” tab you can now find all the templates we offer. You can filter templates by communication occasion for easy searching. The Overview lets you take a closer look at each template before you use it. You can select the new templates directly when creating an email, or by going to the Templates menu and selecting “Email”.

Color Themes in Our Editor: Customize and Colorize Your Newsletter

ew color themes make it easier to design your newsletter

There are now even more ways to customize your newsletters with our email editor. Choose different color options for your newsletters with the new themes. Different color options are available in the categories “Light”, “Dark”, “Bold” and “Subtle”. This allows you to change the color of your emails with just one click.

New Layout Elements: 2- and 3-Column Elements for More Flexible Design

individuelle Gestaltung von Spalten im esletter Template

A lot of our customers have been asking for more flexible layout elements with 2 and 3 columns in their templates. We have added new layout elements to our templates in response to customer feedback. This gives you the flexibility to insert and delete individual text blocks, images or buttons in 2 or 3 columns. These new elements allow you to customize your email even more.

More Updates

Source Code Editor: View Source and Preview Side-by-side

Quellcode Editor mit Vorschaufunktion

To make it easier to edit templates in the source code, you can now see a visual preview of the changes in the template right next to the source code.

Edit Existing Templates

save your newsletter as a template

Due to an increase in technical errors when editing older existing templates, the option to edit templates has been removed. If you still want to make changes to your existing template, you can open the template in the editor and save it as a new template.

Social Media Icons: New Colors and Layouts

new colors and layout options for your social icons

Do you use the “social” element to link to your social media channels in your newsletter? Now you can better match social media icons to your template design. You now have the option to display the icons in a free (transparent), square, or round shape, as well as a choice of neutral colors such as black, white, or gray. This allows you to embed social media icons in a visually appealing way, even if you have a more low-key newsletter design.

If you have any questions or need help using the new templates and features our service team is there for you. Do you already know our CleverReach Community? Here you can ask questions and exchange ideas with other CleverReach users.

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