Top 5 CleverReach Plugins 2019!

Sabine Kowalski
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In this post, we present the 5 most popular CleverReach integrations in 2019.

Another year is slowly coming to an end – time to recall the past and look back on all the things we’re proud of! We are especially pleased to have come a long way with the development of many of our integrations to make email marketing with CleverReach even easier – no matter which platform you come from!

The number of plugin downloads also show that the effort is worth it. In this post, we present the 5 most popular CleverReach integrations in 2019. Join numerous plugin users and take your business to the next level!

Boost Your Shop With The Shopify App

Create and edit the perfect signup form for your shop emails directly in the app, build your first email or even a whole newsletter campaign! With the CleverReach app, you promote your Shopify Store with emails that make your customers want to buy even more. The app retrieves all relevant information from your store at CleverReach: this gives you the opportunity to access product details to use in your mailings. The purchase data of your customers show you when they made their last purchase – that makes it easy to set up automated reactivation campaigns. Click here for further details on the Shopify app.

This Shopware Extension Makes Email Marketing Easy

The CleverReach Plugin provides you with the most important details from your Shopware Shop for your newsletter marketing. Do you want to contact inactive customers and win them back, advertise products that match the last purchase of your customer or regularly send a birthday email with a discount code? The CleverReach plugin makes your work easier. Bonus: You avoid mistakes that occur during a manual import, as all data is automatically synchronized continuously. Find more details on the Shopware plugin here.

More Revenue For Your WooCommerce Shop With The CleverReach Plugin

You want to use email marketing for your WooCommerce shop? The CleverReach app simplifies this task for you. Just like with our Shopify and Shopware integrations, you can retrieve your WooCommerce data conveniently and automatically in your CleverReach backend to use them for your emails. Personalize your emails by addressing your customers right, or use tags to give them exactly the offers they want! You can also set up welcome or reactivation campaigns. With clever automation workflows, your sales will skyrocket quickly. Click here for more details on the WooCommerce plugin.

The WordPress Plugin For Bloggers And Content Marketers

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems – and our plugin is also not a shelf warmer! Via the interface, the signup data of new subscribers are transferred either directly via the CleverReach signup form (which you simply insert in the right place by short code), or via the built-in integration to Contact Form 7. In CleverReach, you can then access your recipient data and set up corresponding mailings – to advertise new blog posts, announce dates or start a new appeal for donations. The possibilities are as varied as the WordPress pages on the web! More information about the WordPress Plugin can be found here.

Complete Your Zoho CRM With Our Extension

Zoho CRM offers companies a practical solution for various tasks. The Customer Relationship Management System offers apps for forms, contact management, invoicing and of course email marketing! Reach your customers with personal emails that you no longer have to send manually. Also, you can use automated email workflows tailored to your customers’ needs to give them what they want: the recipient data is continuously updated in CleverReach. Find more details on the Zoho CRM app here.

Start The New Year With Email Marketing For Your System!

You are using one of the platforms above and want to get started with email marketing? Then connect your system with CleverReach and benefit from the automatic data transfer via our plugin. Or connect with CleverReach via one of our numerous other integrations! New customers get great discounts: If you create a new account via one of our integrations, you will get 10% off your selected CleverReach price plan for 12 months. Your discount will be added automatically to your shopping cart.

We wish you a successful start into the new year with CleverReach! 

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