Template Converter: Just take your email templates with you

Other providers also offer great templates. Perhaps you have found exactly the template that fits your ideas elsewhere?

Or have you build a template in another system you got so used to, that you can’t imagine life without it?

Switching made easy

Goodbye, pain of separation: The CleverReach Template Converter converts your Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor email templates so you can keep on using them in the CleverReach Newsletter Editor.

Just add your existing Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor templates to your CleverReach account – and our Template Converter turns it into a CleverReach template. You can then use your templates without any manual effort in our intuitive drag & drop editor and create awesome email marketing campaigns and newsletters in no time at all.

Find detailed instructions here.

Why can’t you just use any template in the CleverReach Editor?

To work with a template in an editor, the editor has to understand the structure of the template. Templates need a certain framework which is different for each editor.

The CleverReach Template Converter easily converts the framework of external templates for the CleverReach editor to understand them – and you can keep on using them without any trouble. Simple! Clever!

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