New Year, New Shop Plugins: Our Top Features in 2021!

Our Top Features in 2021!

2020 was an exceptional year for everyone. Covid-19 has taken control over our everyday life overnight and undoubtedly changed our lives in many ways. eCommerce has never been as important as it is today. We at CleverReach also felt the changes and put a lot of effort into exploring on how to support you even better in the future.

That’s why we’ve been working on our shop plugins at full blast, for you to reach and inform your customers more conveniently and encourage them to buy more of your products. Read on to learn about the new features that await you and take your online shop to the next level!

The Top 5 New Features for Shopware Shops and Magento Stores

Download the plugin for your Shopware shop here.

Click here to get the plugin for your Magento store.

  1. Quick Installation and Selection of Recipients You Want To Transfer

When installing the plugin you can either connect your existing CleverReach account to your shop system or create a new CleverReach account. Additionally, you can select who you want to transfer to CleverReach as active recipients – newsletter subscribers, buyers or other contacts. Needless to say, you can also select all your contacts.

It’s crucial that your recipients have explicitly agreed to receive your newsletters and that you can prove that you have their permission – all in compliance with the GDPR. If you feel unsure about what you did so far is correct, we recommend contacting your privacy officer. They’ll certainly help you on that matter.

  1. Automatic Creation of a Recipient List Including Data Fields, Tags and Segments

During the installation process, the plugin automatically creates a recipient list with the recipients from your shop system and adds data fields in the background. Not only are personal details transferred to the data fields (email address, first and last name, street, ZIP code, city, etc.), but the purchase details of your recipients are synchronized as well.

On top of this, tags are automatically attached to your recipients, consisting for example of the shop system (e. g. Shopware), the shop name the recipient comes from and a special tag. The so-called special tag shows you what kind of recipient your recipient is – newsletter subscriber, buyer or other contact.

Another benefit of our CleverReach plugins: Segments are automatically added to your recipient lists. Segments allow you to filter recipients by certain criteria and send targeted newsletter. If you have several shops, for example, our CleverReach plugins automatically create segments for your shops. This allows you to directly send the latest offers to the recipients of the respective shop.

  1. Bi-directional Data Exchange

Our new plugins all work bi-directionally. Bi- what? Bi-directional means, that the exchange of data takes place both directions between your two systems. When an address changes in the data set in CleverReach, this is automatically updated in your shop system as well and the other way around.

Let’s assume that a recipient has unsubscribed from your emails via your CleverReach newsletter. The unsubscribe is noted in CleverReach and the user becomes inactive. This is automatically transferred to your shop system and your customer is set to the “email status = inactive”.  The data exchange naturally also takes place the other way around at any time.

  1. Faster Email Creation Process Thanks to Special Tags

After the first synchronization, a first email draft is created in your account. Customize the design of your email with just a few clicks and fill it with your content. You’ll also get a list of the selected special tags during the email creation process that you can choose for sending your newsletter.

This allows you to quickly and easily send your first newsletter to your customer and get started with your email marketing.

  1. New Data Fields and Tags for Targeted Email Marketing

Our new CleverReach shop plugins automatically create data fields, fill them with the details of your customers and attaches tags to your recipients.

Some of our new data fields are:

  • Number of Orders

The data field “Number of Orders” allows you to filter by the number of orders a customer has placed in your shop. Contact e.g. customers who have placed more than 50 orders in a targeted way.

  • Total Expenses of All Orders

The data field “Total Expenses of All Orders” allows you for example to contact customers who spent more than 1,000 euros in your shop.

Your customers automatically get the following tags attached to their data sets: 

  • Use of product categories
  • Product tags
  • Product attributes
  • Product manufacturer

For example, if a customer purchases a pair of black shoes in your shop, you can send them automated emails with email automation and offer them matching black socks.

Send Automated Abandoned Cart Emails (Example: Shopify)

A customer is browsing through your shop, sees an item they like and BAM – they’re gone. There are many reasons for customers to not complete their purchase and abandon their cart. Perhaps they got an urgent call, their size was unavailable or they were unsure whether they really wanted to buy that item. An automated abandoned cart email can bring back long-lost customers!

Our Shopify Plugin allows you to send an automated email to your customers, in case they didn’t complete their purchase. Your customers are made aware of their abandoned cart completely automated and get encouraged to complete their purchase.

It’s important that you can prove that you have collected the data of your recipients in compliance with the GDPR. In case you’re unsure whether you’ve done everything right, please contact your privacy officer.

When you have successfully installed our Shopify plugin, go to the dashboard and click on the tab “Abandoned Cart”. There you can schedule your newsletter with just a few clicks to send it after 1 hour, 3 hours, 10 or 24 hours, after your customer has abandoned their shopping cart. For more details and instructions, search our Helpcenter.

Don’t miss out on these Shop Plugin Updates in 2021

We’re continuously optimizing our plugins and developing interfaces to new systems in 2021.

First of all, our CleverReach plugin for Shopware 6 has just recently received an update with all the features we have already mentioned above. On top of this, it is possible for you to insert your CleverReach Double Opt-in signup forms for newsletters in your Shopware Shop with just a few clicks. By the way: our Shopware 5 plugin has also already received an update and the feature can be used there!

Additionally, we’ll also enhance our CleverReach Plugin for Magento and add lots of additional features. Using Double-Opt-In signup forms and sending automated abandoned carts emails are also among the new features.

The next plugin to be updated will be our CleverReach Plugin for WooCommerce. It will also be possible for WooCommerce users to select the recipients they want to transfer as active when installing the plugin an send their first newsletter to them after just a few clicks.

As you can see, the list of updates for our CleverReach plugins is quite extensive. We have already developed plugins for other systems (e. g. CMS, CRM systems) – simply browse through our integrations page.

If you’re missing another system, app or software or have suggestions for future features, we’d love to hear about them! Contact our service team and fire away!

Install the plugin now and boost your sales! 

Connect your online shop with your CleverReach account or create a new account when setting up our CleverReach Shop Plugins. Your customers will be transferred in a flash and you can send out your first newsletter.

By the way: when installing one of our CleverReach plugins as a new customer, you get 10% off your selected price plan for 12 months.

Have a successful and healthy year 2021! 🙂

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