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How to use email marketing for your startup success

A low seed capital is the ever-present problem of most of today’s startups. The questions they inevitably ask themselves are: How do I best spend my resources? Where do I invest? Where do I have a high ROI (Return on Invest)? Marketing offers several useful tools that are each in their own way attractive. If you want to act economically and measurably and retain customers, there’s one tool that’s perfect for all of this: email marketing.

The value of email marketing

Many startup entrepreneurs regard the 30-year-old email as outdated, as they think of social media as today’s number one channel for customer communication. However, people restricting communication and marketing exclusively to social media channels should always keep in mind: besides direct customer communication, social media mainly is a profile-forming platform. You follow companies, people or sports clubs to display a certain image. You want to show who you are, your profile is artwork.

But nobody sees when you receive an email on your computer or smartphone. No sharing, no followers… you are on your own. If you actively decide to receive a provider’s email, this is extremely valuable for the company. If you follow certain brands on Facebook, this is often determined by external factors. The value of a “customer” is accordingly lower. Studies by McKinsey prove that the ROI in email marketing is 40 times higher than with social media. To show young entrepreneurs how popular email still is, the Munich Digital Institute has examined how many emails and WhatsApp messages are sent daily: 196 billion emails face only 64 billion WhatsApp messages. This shows that email is still the number one means of communication.

4 fundamental strengths of email marketing

  1. Cost-effective
    Most email marketing providers offer free trial accounts for new customers. Users can add a restricted number of contacts and send a limited number of emails per month. To achieve the best possible deliverability for your emails, you should trust professional providers who are members of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA). Emails that are sent via a CSA-listed server are recognized by email providers and therefore not classified as spam. If you send huge mailings with providers like Outlook, the deliverability would decrease, as mass mailings often go directly to the spam folder.Users should gradually extend their contact list and expand their email marketing. A free trial account helps you gather experiences and ideas of what email marketing can do for your business. As soon as you exceed the limits of your free account, simply choose a needs-oriented price plan.
  1. Measurable
    Email marketing is measurable. Besides click and open rates, you can draw countless conclusions about the quantity and quality of your customers and mailings. Most email marketing providers help their customers to improve their newsletters. Through additional integrations, even more details can be assessed. How high is the ROI and how is your conversion rate developing? Well prepared email marketing campaigns can teach you everything about the customer journey and allows you to optimize your mailings.
  1. Strengthen customer relationships
    In one-to-one marketing, there’s no better way of communicating than by email. Through recurring communication with your customers, a deeper relationship develops. By getting directly to the customers and reacting to their interests through segmentation, you can increase your customer loyalty in the long run.
  1. Fast
    Create and send your newsletter easily in just a few clicks with the right provider. For all steps in between, most providers offer their help with managing your recipients, designing your newsletter and sending it. The response of your recipients is similarly fast. With the help of real time reports you can check the open rates and purchases generated through your mailings.


Email marketing combines 4 basic effects that are crucial for every startup. How can I keep my costs low? How can I quickly collect and evaluate customer data? How can I retain my customers in the long run? How do I get the best results within the time I spend? As email marketing is the answer to these questions, it is especially interesting for startups.

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Reaching people with professional newsletter campaigns: the intuitive CleverReach® email marketing software allows the direct and personal communication between businesses and their customers.

Anyone can do successful email marketing with CleverReach®. The simple setup, clever features and friendly service make CleverReach® easy to use and help beginners and email marketing pros achieve quick success.

For newsletters that arrive safely: plugins for relevant systems as well as email automation enable targeted email marketing. As a German company, CleverReach® relies on the highest technology and data protection standards - far beyond legal requirements. This way, CleverReach® achieves a high level of email deliverability that convinces the tool’s users time and again.

Since 2007, CleverReach® has stood for passion in email marketing and is now one of the leading international solution providers for email

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  • Simple and multi-level automated email routes with THEA (Email Marketing Automation Solution)
  • Reports/realtime statistics for success control and optimisation, design and spam tests, A/B split tests, multivariate tests
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