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greater reach for your email marketing through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing & Co.
Newsletter und Social Media – CleverReach Newsletter Tool

How helpful is the integration page for you? Link newsletter campaigns with social media

Use synergies
Easily link your newsletter campaigns with social media and share your newsletters on your social networks as well.

Increase reach
By integrating share buttons, your recipients can share your content on social media with just one click.

Evaluate interests
By integrating share buttons, you can track which newsletter content was particularly interesting and worth sharing.

1. Integrate social media buttons: subscribers recommend your content

Social Media Integration Integrate Social media buttons CleverReach
  • Let your customers share content like special offers or events: Simply integrate social media buttons in your newsletters with our drag and drop editor.
  • Tip: CleverReach makes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and XING available in advance

2. Share your newsletter on social media channels

Social Media Integration Share your newsletter on Social media channels CleverReach
  • 4 features prepared in your CleverReach account to share your newsletter directly with a click on the right icon: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, XING
  • Share your newsletter in your social media account with just one click. Open the report of your mailings and click on the button “Social media”.
  • To share your newsletter on other networks, just use the respective link for the online version of your newsletter. Copy the link and insert it in the respective page.
  • To insert a DOI registration form for your newsletter on your Facebook page, please use the Atipso app.
  • Tip: In our exemplary screenshot, we have posted an article from our newsletter in our XING account. You can add additional comments to your post.

3. Newsletter goes social media: greater reach

Newsletter und Social Media – CleverReach
  • Expand your reach by linking your newsletter campaigns to social media.
  • Each recipient of your newsletters becomes a potential sharer of your content if you integrate social media buttons – this increases your reach
  • New fans that look for your Facebook page not only get the chance to become followers, but sign up for your newsletter with just one click as well.

4. Advantages of 'Likes' and 'Shares'

Social Media Integration Advantages Cleverreach

As a sender of newsletters, you focus on

  • Great, up-to-date, relevant content
  • Interesting, target group oriented offers
  • Appealing design

The goal: Win customers for your business or shop! The best way to do this is by using what you already have: your subscribers! The easier it is for them to share your newsletter, the more likely it is that they’ll do it.

Insert a share button directly in your newsletters and make it easy to share your content.

  • One click and your recipients can like and share your newsletter content in their social media accounts.
  • That’s how you’ll get a greater reach – virally and with personal recommendation
  • Social media followers should also always have the chance to become a subscriber. Reduce the risk of losing prospects by giving them a chance to sign up for your newsletter (via Double-Opt-In) on your Facebook page.

5. Good to know: Tips & Tricks

Social Media Integration good to know CleverReach
  • The integration of share buttons gives you the chance to track all “likes” and “shares”, the result will be shown in your CleverReach report.
  • Avoid doublings: If you share your newsletter yourself on your social media channel, you shouldn’t have used that content there before.
  • Don’t share everything. Why should anyone subscribe to your newsletters if they appear on your social media channels anyway. Share only real highlights.

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