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CSA certified
CleverReach is CSA certified: Your newsletters will be accepted by major mail clients.

High reputation
Increase the deliverability of your newsletters with SPF and DKIM.

Less spam
As an authenticated sender, you protect your newsletters from spam.

  • CSA: CleverReach is a member of the CSA (Certified Senders Alliance), an association of the DDV (German Dialog Marketing Association) and ECO (Association of the German Internet Economy). This ensures a global allowlisting, which means that your newsletters are accepted by the most common email clients and reach your recipients’ inboxes.
  • SPF: CleverReach supports SPF authentication (Sender Policy Framework), an anti-spam procedure for sender authentication. Through an SPF signature, additional information is saved in the DNS entries of a domain that is recognized by the mail server of the recipient.
  • DKIM: DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) authentication attaches a digital signature to your emails to attest the sender’s authenticity. All outgoing emails from CleverReach have a DKIM signature.
  • Secure data and server locations: CleverReach counts on a computer center secured by the latest standards and ensures maximum data security. By that we constantly fulfill the highest requirements of data protection.
  • Security check: All outgoing newsletters must pass a security check before their delivery. CleverReach automatically creates an unsubscribe link and an imprint in your newsletters to make sure they meet legal regulations. Before you send your mailing, it is also confirmed that it complies with anti-spam rules and terms and conditions.

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1. SSL encryption

Newsletter Whitelisting SSL Encryption CleverReach

Go to “Source code/ distribution” and activate SSL encryption for a secure data transmission in forms.

  • The use of SSL in your forms is only possible within the CleverReach domain – it will be saved in the source code of the form. Unfortunately, your own domain can’t be considered in the form code. This doesn’t apply to the confirmation links for subscribes and unsubscribes.
  • On your website, the SSL feature is only available for embedded forms.
  • If you activate SSL for a form after already having embedded it on your website, the form code has to be embedded once again.


Newsletter Whitelisting CAPTCHA CleverReach
  • CleverReach embeds Captcha in forms by default to make sure only humans are using your forms.
  • Deactivate CAPTCHA by hitting the X button, which is visible when navigating to the CAPTCHA area.


3. Design and spam test

Newsletter Whitelisting Design and Spam test CleverReach
  • How securely are your mailings delivered?
  • Is the mailing displayed correctly?

Get the answers with our design and spam test that checks the layout and spam ranking before you send your newsletter. How to run the test:

  • Go to “Preview & test”
  • Hit “Design and spam test”
  • Get your test contingent directly by clicking on “Buy design and spam test”
  • Hit “Start test”

With just one click on the respective email client you’ll see the enlarged view of the result. At the top of the screen you can see the status of the test. If the test is still running you don’t have to open the window but can run the test in the background. Download the results of the test afterwards as a zip file.

Note: The test is independent from your price plan and can be added as an additional option. You find this feature in your account: Account/billing/rates & prepaid.

4. What you can do

Newsletter Whitelisting what you can do CleverReach

Modern spam filters are very complex and react to the tiniest indication that an email could be spam. It can easily happen that one of your newsletters is accidentally marked as spam. You can avoid delivery issues by sticking to certain guidelines when creating your newsletter. Sometimes, only tiny details tip the scales whether your newsletters reach your subscribers’ inboxes or arrive in their spam folders.

  • Use your own sub domain: Some spam filters react on tracking links that differ from the return address. Evade this by using your own sub domain that can also be used for the tracking URL.
  • Optimize your subject line: Avoid phrases that are often used by dubious providers, like “4U, great offer, no obligation…”, as well as special characters and capital letters only. Standard subject lines like “Newsletter February” are inadvisable, as they are also sometimes considered spam. Create your subject line as unique and fascinating as possible.
  • Label your images correctly: Give each of your images an alt attribute (alt text) that describes it. If you leave the descriptions blank or enter spam-like attributes, the mailing is more likely to end up in the spam folders of your subscribers.
  • Balanced distribution of images and content: Spammers often try to trick spam filters by sending their message as an image. If you only send one image with little or no text, spam filters will find your mailing suspicious. Create newsletters that have a well-balanced distribution of text and images.
  • SPF-signature: As mentioned above, CleverReach supports the SPF procedure. Reduce the danger of being marked as spam by saving a so-called SPF-entry at your provider (if possible).
  • Avoid phishing warnings: Mail filters react when a link description doesn’t correspond with the target address. That’s why you should always place your hyperlinks carefully, so you don’t end up as spam. Find more on that topic on our support pages.
  • Send regularly: Send emails on a regular but moderate basis. Sending too few mailings can bear the danger of your customers forgetting about you – too many emails can quickly become annoying. In both cases, your mailings are deleted unread or go directly to the spam folder!

5. Allowlisting for all customers

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