Certified Senders Alliance (CSA)

Allowlisting: higher delivery rates through Certified Senders Alliance membership
Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) – CleverReach Newsletter Tool

CleverReach is CSA certified

Permanent quality control
CleverReach meets the high quality criteria of the CSA.

High server reputation
Reliable email delivery without spam filtering.

Newsletter allowlisting
CleverReach is on the positive list with leading email providers.

What is the CSA?

The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) is an association of the DDV (German Dialog Marketing Association) and ECO (Association of the German Internet Economy). The CSA is responsible for the central allowlist in Germany, that commercial email senders can sign up for.

  • You have to fulfill very high quality standards to be part of the CSA
  • The leading Internet Service Providers assure CSA members to deliver their mailings correctly and not put them in the spam folder.

Allowlisting for higher delivery rates

Your benefits from our membership in the Certified Senders Alliance

1. How is CSA-Allowlisting guaranteed?

Certified Senders Alliance How is CSA whitelisting guaranteed CleverReach

To become a member of the CSA, the email sender has to fulfill several criteria that classify them as a reputable provider:

  • Legal criteria: DOI (Double Opt-In), legal notice and unsubscribe link in every email
  • Technical criteria: This contains the sole technical control over delivery servers, list hygiene, bounce handling, etc.
  • Supervisory body: In cases of complaints, a supervisory board and respective sanction measures go into action.

CleverReach fulfills all CSA requirements and can guarantee their customers secure and reliable email delivery without spam filtering.

Which providers are part of the CSA Allowlist?

Providers, who are members of the CSA and acknowledge their standards are, amongst others:

  • AOL
  • Freenet
  • GMX
  • Vodafone
  • Yahoo

Central Allowlisting for higher deliverability

  • The central list of the CSA simplifies Allowlisting and ensures permanently high delivery rates. As a huge mailing list is a crucial spam criterion, people who are sending lots of emails to lots of people would have to negotiate with providers to not end up in their recipients’ spam folders.
  • The CSA Allowlist shortens this procedure: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) accept the required quality standards, that have to be assured for a membership, and don’t grade emails from CSA members like CleverReach® as spam. Advantage: Delivery and high delivery rates!
  • On the other hand, ISPs can also rely on this positive list, there’s a win-win situation for all parties involved. It also supports the service improvement of the providers, who protect their customers from unwanted emails.

With CleverReach, you send emails your customers want!

2. Secure email delivery for your customers

Certified Senders Alliance Secure Email Delivery CleverReach

With our CSA allowlisting, we make sure your mailings reach your subscribers.

  • The standardized procedure not only offers safety for CSA certified senders, but also for Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
  • Senders like CleverReach who fulfil the strict admission criteria, show ISPs that they are reputable and do email marketing in conformity with the law.
  • Based on this, ISPs can improve their spam filters and protect their customers. At the same time, they let wanted newsletters pass, so your newsletters reach your subscribers.

3. Good to know

Certified Senders Alliance Good to know CleverReach
  • Permanent quality check for permanently high delivery rates
  • The sender’s technical criteria are checked automatedly every day
  • The results are collected in a report that providers have access to
  • This ensures that CSA members like CleverReach are classified as reputable and their emails permanently reach their readers.

4. Get started for free with CleverReach!

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