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Boost the beauty of your newsletters with shortened links, save characters and track clicks
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Track link clicks with the URL Shortener

Shorten links
Shorten unsightly long links for your newsletters or social media campaigns.

Measure link calls
Analyze how often your campaign link was clicked.

Create QR codes
Easily generate a QR code for your link for cross-media campaigns.

The CleverReach URL Shortener

With the free CleverReach URL Shortener, you can shorten URLs and include them in your newsletters or social media postings. Afterwards, clicks on the shortened links can be tracked and displayed in the CleverReach report. Additional feature: QR codes can also be created!

What is an URL?

URL is short for Uniform Resource Locator and refers to an internet address, i.e. what appears in the address bar of a browser when a web page is called up.

If this address is included in a newsletter so that the email recipient clicks on it and is taken to the corresponding web page, this is referred to as a link.

What is an URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool that turns a long web address into a short link. This short link can be included in email newsletters and social media posts. When the recipient or user clicks on the short link, they are redirected to the corresponding website.

What are the advantages of shortened URLs?

Short links do not take up so much space. This way, they don't look distracting in the newsletter and fit better into the body text.

Saving characters is also an advantage when sharing in some social media channels, for example on YouTube and Facebook, or when there is a character limit, like on Twitter. Here, it makes a big difference whether a link is short or long. You can use the CleverReach URL Shortener for this purpose as well.

Note: The URL Shortener is currently still in beta phase. If you have any feedback or questions about the function, please contact our support by mail.

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Shorten Links and Generate QR Codes with the CleverReach URL Shortener

Also Use Shortened Links on Social Media Channels with Character Limits

1. How to Use the URL Shortener

URL Shortener How to Use Shortener CleverReach

To use the CleverReach URL Shortener to shorten your links, start by logging into your CleverReach account.

Go to “My Account“ in the left navigation bar on your dashboard and click on the tab “Extras”. Click on “URL Shortener“. The URL Shortener screen appears.

4. Evaluating Your Short URLs: Track Clicks as Marketing KPI

URL Shortener Evaluating your Short URLs CleverReach

Shortened links don’t only look better or save characters, they are also good for evaluation – for each channel! Find out exactly which clicks on your shortened links originate from your newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other channels with just one quick look at your reporting.

The CleverReach URL Shortener enriches your short link with tracking parameters, so it is possible to get click statistics for the different channels. By segmenting users per channel, you benefit from a more accurate traffic analysis.

5. Score with shortened URLs in print media

URL Shortener Print Media CleverReach

Short links are not limited to online use, a short URL or QR code is also beneficial in print – especially when you’re using a preferred URL that your customers and contacts can easily remember. People who want to visit your website because of your print ads don't have to type in a long link for a subpage, but only the few characters of your short link.

A concise short link - in addition to a QR code - is also useful on a business card. With a short URL that is easy to remember and can be typed in quickly, your business card stays nice and clear, and your contacts simultaneously hold the key to much more information about you and your business in their hands.

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