Import recipient addresses: List maintenance made easy

Quick and simple newsletter import via CSV-, XLS- and other files
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Import newsletter recipients easily

Clever recipient management
Easily add newsletter recipients using various import functions.

Variable data fields
Assign individual data fields to your recipients with a click.

Versatile integrations for shops, CRM and CMS
Use an automatic data exchange between CleverReach and your system of choice.

Newsletter recipient import made easy

Don't waste time and get started thanks to recipient import: Register with CleverReach, transfer newsletter recipients and email addresses and start with newsletter marketing!

Why is the import function at CleverReach particularly straightforward?

We want to make sending out your newsletters as easy and convenient as possible, and for us this also includes the quick and uncomplicated import of your address data:

  • Simple, intuitive user guidance of the import function
  • Import of all common file formats such as XLSX, CSV and others for your newsletter dispatch
  • Alternatively: Import of your recipient data via interface when using an integration solution
  • Address data cleansing / duplicate matching: duplicate recipients are filtered out
  • Incorrect data records and general e-mail addresses are also automatically filtered out during the import process
  • Assignment of recipient information in up to 45 data fields via drop-down selection

Were you just thinking about importing your e-mail distribution list into Outlook? Our tip: Don't do that! Of course, you can copy/paste your email address list from Excel into Outlook, but you should rather use CleverReach for sending your mailings!

Why do you need the import function in your recipient management?

The import function for various file formats such as CSV, XLS, XLSX and TXT makes it easy for you to maintain your newsletter recipient list. This list with the email addresses of your newsletter subscribers is the basis for successful email marketing and should always be up-to-date. Recipient lists are "living" documents, because the address lists are continuously fed with new recipients, maintained and constantly updated. Simple recipient import makes maintenance easy and time-saving.

Is recipient import the only way to add new recipients to my distribution list?

No, with CleverReach you have other options besides import to add new recipients and recipient data to your address list:

  • by manually entering the address data
  • by registration via a DOI (double opt-in) registration form on your website
  • by importing recipients as part of setting up an integration solution to an external system such as an online store, CMS, CRM or other business software.

Important: All data must have been collected in accordance with the GDPR in order to be able to write to the recipients!

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How to Import Newsletter Recipient Data

5 Steps that make it easy to make to most of your recipient list!

1. Select list

Importing Newsletter Recipients Select List CleverReach

Select the list you want to add contacts to or create a new list of recipients in your account.

2. Add data

Importing Newsletter Recipients Add Data CleverReach
  • Go to “Add data” and select “Import” within the list.
  • Choose between uploading a file, the “copy and paste” function, or loading URL/FTP.

4. Import options

Importing Newsletter Recipients Import Options CleverReach

The import feature offers you the following options:

  • Add data: New data is added, already existing data is not changed.
  • Update & add: New data is added; existing data is updated. Inactive recipients remain inactive, but duplicates are synchronized. An existing data set is updated with the first found data set, further duplicates are ignored.
  • Disable: Data sets are disabled; not existing ones are imported as inactive recipients.
  • Replace: PLEASE NOTE if you choose this option, all data sets will be deleted completely and then added again to the new list. All information will be lost (clicks / opens / unsubscribes).
  • Delete: All data fields from the import file are deleted from the list of recipients. Please note, that all information will be lost: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.

Note: Before importing data to our system, please familiarize yourself with our anti-spam regulations.

5. Your Advantages

Importing Newsletter Recipients Advantages CleverReach

Recipient lists are “living” documents: you constantly have to update and take care of them. For every campaign you can, depending on the topic, extend or mix your lists up a little.

This is extremely simple with CleverReach: We want your newsletter delivery to be as easy and uncomplicated as possible, that’s why we offer a quick import of your address data:

  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Allocation of data fields via drop-down
  • Duplicates comparison
  • Incorrect data fields are filtered automatically during the import

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