Automatic bounce management

Achieve high delivery rates with the automatic CleverReach newsletter bounce management
Automatic Bounce Management CleverReach

Clean recipient lists with automatic bounce management

Improved reputation
The fewer bounces you have in your distribution list, the more your sender reputation increases.

Purge invalid addresses
Purge your recipient list of invalid addresses - completely automatically.

Global management
Bounces are managed globally and therefore do not reappear in other mailings.

Bounces are emails that can’t be delivered. These emails are blocked by the recipient’s server and can’t get through. The respective mail server gives feedback to our system. There are two types of bounces:

  • Soft bounce: the email can’t be delivered temporarily, e.g. because of a full inbox.
  • Hard bounce: the email can’t be delivered permanently – the email address either doesn’t exist anymore or the server blocks your email.

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1. How will you notice bounces?

Automatic Bounce Management how notice Bounce CleverReach
  • CleverReach creates a report for each of your mailings, which gives you an overview of relevant figures like bounces.
  • See the percentage of bounces at a glance.

2. Why block bounces automatically?

Automatic Bounce Management why block bounce automatically CleverReach

Why do bounces have a negative influence on your delivery rate? You don’t have to pay for emails, so does it matter if some emails don’t reach their recipients?

It does matter! Bounces can’t cost you money, but they can cost your good reputation as a sender.

The more bounces you have in your mailing list, the more your reputation is diminished because email providers are more likely to classify senders with a high bounce rate as spammers. The consequence: Your emails definitely end up in the spam folder. The solution: get your automatic bounce management!

  • Invalid email addresses are blocked from your list of subscribers
  • Your delivery rate increases
  • This has a positive effect on your reputation as a sender

3. Advantages of automatic bounce management

Automatic Bounce Management Advantages CleverReach

As described above, bounces have a negative impact on your delivery rates and reputation. Especially with large mailing lists, you’ll quickly get to the critical number of bounces. Although you’ll receive notifications about undelivered newsletters from common email programs, checking and removing them manually is extremely time-consuming. Our automatic bounce management saves your time! Additionally, it differentiates between hard and soft bounces, which wouldn’t usually be indicated. We recommend to regularly clear up your list of recipients and set bounces to permanently inactive or delete them. You have various options to easily do so with CleverReach:

  • Delete from all lists (1): To delete all bounces from all lists, go to “lists” and then to “bounces”. Click on “delete all bounces” to complete your action.
  • Delete from specific lists/ disable via import function (2): To delete bounces only in a specific list you first have to identify the bounces for that respective list. In the next step, export the addresses via “Actions – CSV”. Then import them again into the list and choose “Delete” or “Disable” as an import function. This deletes all bounces from this list of recipients.

Don’t forget: Please remember to also delete bounces from external data sources (e.g. shop system or CRM), otherwise they’ll be imported again in the next import.

  • Delete only for specific mailings (3): Get your bounces shown in the report of the respective mailing and do the same as explained for option (2): Export the bounces in a CSV file and delete them when importing them again.

4. Find out the addresses of your bounces

Automatic Bounce Management Addresses CleverReach

There are two ways of identifying bounces with CleverReach:

  • The respective mailing:

The mailing reports give you an overview of all bounces for a particular mailing. Open the report and click on “bounces”. Now you can see all affected addresses in detail.

  • The respective list of recipients:

You can also see bounces within a list of recipients. Open the respective group and set the filter to “Bounces”. Now you see all addresses that fulfill the criteria to be put on the global bounce index. These addresses are marked with a blue spot in the recipient overview. They are unlocked after the locking period. In case you wish them to remain inactive, you can delete or disable the bounces as described above.

5. Please note

Automatic Bounce Management Please note CleverReach
  • You can’t compare bounces from a mailing to bounces from a list of recipients. Bounces in a report only take the respective mailing into account, bounces within a list count for all mailings.
  • Bounces are registered globally (global bounce index). That’s how addresses in your system can be marked as a bounce even if you haven’t emailed them yet. If an address is on the global bounce index, our system will know of it and automatically know that it has been contacted unsuccessfully.
  • You can’t reactivate bounces yourself.

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