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Easily create simple or multi-level email campaigns on a virtual scratchboard and launch them with one click!
Email Marketing Automation THEA CleverReach

The advantages of email marketing automation with THEA

Easy to use
Create fully automated mailings in no time.

Visual support
Keep track of your automation routes thanks to helpful illustrations.

Versatile automation templates
Get started even faster with free templates for common use cases.

THEA offers email marketing automation for all

Use our email marketing automation tool THEA to create professional automations in no time. You don't need any programming skills to set up newsletter automations with our software, because the operation of our automation tool is intuitively understandable - simply child's play.

How do you create an email marketing automation?

Creating campaigns is easy even for beginners. With the help of our visual campaign builder, you can plan your newsletter routes and email sequences as if you were on a drawing board. We also show you how easy it is to create marketing automations in our seminars:

  • Want to see how to create simple automations or complex email chains right away? Click here for our On Demand Tutorial "The THEA Course: Email Marketing Automation with THEA".
  • You want to ask individual questions and get answers from our seminar leader? Click here for our live seminars. Learn how to use our automation tool in the course "CleverReach Automation with THEA".

Once set up, you can use the automation tool to send fully automated newsletters or entire email marketing campaigns - from simple routes to complex, multi-level chains. As a result, your recipients will reliably receive messages from you - always the right message, always at the right time!

Who can benefit from CleverReach Email Automations?

Email automations facilitate communication in so many areas that we claim: Everyone can benefit from email marketing automations! Whether retailers, associations, service providers, doctors, craftsmen, course instructors ... the list is almost endless!

What kind of email marketing automations can be created with THEA?

  • You always want to send newsletters on a certain day or date - for example birthday mails or a blog update on every first? No problem!
  • Want to send confirmations automatically after registration, purchase or booking? With the help of simple automation chains, you can create autoresponders and trigger mailings in no time, which will be sent to your recipients automatically in response to an action.
  • Planning a special promotion like summer sales, Black Friday or want to win back inactive customers? This is a classic case for a multi-stage newsletter campaign. With our email marketing automation tool, even complex email chains are only complex in effect, not in creation.

Tip: To help you get started right away, we have prepared common use cases for you that you can easily adopt. THEA takes care of your customers and increases your sales! While you can focus on other projects.

Therefore our motto is: with THEA you earn money while you sleep!

Take a little time for email automations - you will get it back several times!

Attention: In the Lite tariff you can only create one automation. To create and use more automations, you need a paid plan.

Get started now with CleverReach!

Specialized in target group-oriented marketing campaigns, our email marketing software effectively supports you in the successful implementation of email marketing campaigns. Manage up to 250 recipients and send up to 1,000 emails per month free of charge!

Create email marketing automations and sit back

Automatically always send the right emails at the right time

1. The THEA principle: Perfectly controlled customer communication

Email Marketing Automation the THEA Principle CleverReach

With the help of our email automation tool "THEA: The Easy Automation", your emails will send themselves almost by themselves. The creation of your email marketing automation works very simply according to the modular principle: Using drag & drop, which you already know from newsletter creation, you define which mails are sent to whom and in which order.

Automated email sequences can be of varying complexity: Choose between our simple automation chain and the advanced workflow.

Depending on your requirements, industry and target group, different scenarios and email routes can be automated. We have predefined the most common newsletter sequences for you, so that you can start right away with your first email routes without any detours.

All scenarios have one thing in common: With THEA you can automate simple as well as multi-stage campaigns - very easy, adaptable to changing parameters at any time:

  • maximum design freedom
  • prepared scenarios: Get started easily in just a few minutes
  • Maintain a complete overview when setting up and expanding your customer communications

The simple automation chains are suitable for autoresponders after a registration or the purchase of a product, birthday emails on a specific calendar day as well as TAG-based, i.e. triggered by an action of the recipient. In the advanced workflow, CleverReach offers you a wider range of commonly used automation processes, such as:

  • Welcome and birthday emails to increase customer loyalty.
  • Reminders for non-openers of previous mails or for reactivating inactive recipients.
  • Helpful for online stores are the automations after orders, product purchases and for reminding shopping cart abandoners for more turnover
  • Individual and personalized campaigns can be created with the help of TAGs and tagging.
  • And for all content creators and blog owners, automation is suitable, with the help of which new blog posts are sent automatically.

The ready-made chains are partly multi-level and can all be customized easily and quickly. Or you can use the empty template and create your own automation chain according to your requirements and needs:

2. Create email automations - Here's how

Email Marketing Automation THEA Create Email Automations CleverReach

With the help of THEA you define when or on which trigger you send which emails to your newsletter recipients. THEA allows you to clearly visualize your defined mailing sequences, just like on a drawing board. Intermediate steps can also be inserted or deleted quickly and conveniently at a later date.

  • What does email marketing automation consist of?
    CleverReach's automation for automated newsletter distribution basically consists of the following modules

    • Events
    • Actions and
    • Flow control functions
      These modules can be combined to create an email marketing automation.
  • How do I create an email marketing automation?
    It works by drag and drop. Using the mouse, select the module you want to use from the right menu bar and drag it to the left onto the virtual drawing board. The linking of the individual elements to the actual newsletter route is also done by mouse click at the two points provided for this purpose. The modules can also be moved again and again at a later date. You can read about the modules, what they are used for and how they are edited in our Help Center article: Automation THEA: The extended workflow.

3. Start automation: Set events

Email Marketing Automation THEA Start Automation CleverReach

One of the events starts the automation. Specify which event triggers the email sequence. This can be an action actively taken by the recipient, such as

  • the subscription to the newsletter,
  • an opening, an order transaction
  • or simply a specific date on which the newsletter is regularly sent.

Also a shopping cart abandonment (in online stores) or the addition of a tag to a recipient record are events to start an automation. There is a separate function page for these two possibilities:

  • Tags as triggers in email automation
  • Abandoned Cart Email Automation

4. The goal of automation: define actions

Email Marketing Automation THEA Goal CleverReach

Select from various actions to run, e.g.:

  • Load recipient list
  • Send e-mail
  • Change data
  • Recipient action in a mail.

Good to know: Once you have added the email module to your automation, THEA will remind you to create a corresponding email. A red frame and a red pen will be displayed in the email element until this is done.

5. Detailed definition per flow control

Email Marketing Automation THEA Flow Control CleverReach

With the help of the various flow control options, you can define your automation in detail, for example by

  • Set if/then options
  • Specify time period until follow-up
  • Split recipients into two groups to perform A/B testing
  • And many more.

Tip: It's even possible for you to link two automation chains together using anchor points, so that from a set entry point, once one chain is complete, it will forward to another. Automated email marketing ensures that the right recipient always receives the right message at the right time.

And now have fun creating your first email marketing automation!

Tariff overview

CleverReach Newsletter Tool kostenlos testen

Create and send newsletters completely free of charge to

  • up to 250 recipients
  • up to 1,000 emails per month are free of charge!

The term of the Lite tariff is not limited. There is no setup fee and no contractual commitment.

For all mailings beyond that, you can choose between our Flex, Essential and Enterprise rates. Our rate calculator will tell you which rate is best for you.