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Use Template Monster and Campaign Monitor templates in the CleverReach newsletter editor
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How the Template Converter works

The CleverReach Template Converter converts Template Monster and Campaign Monitor templates so they can be used in the CleverReach newsletter editor. Just add your existing templates from these providers to your CleverReach account – and our Template Converter turns it into a CleverReach template. You can then use your templates without any manual effort in our intuitive drag & drop editor and create awesome email marketing campaigns and newsletters in no time at all.

Start now with CleverReach!

Specialized in target group-oriented marketing campaigns, our email marketing software effectively supports you in the successful implementation of email marketing campaigns. Manage up to 250 recipients and send up to 1,000 emails per month for free!

1. Use your Template Monster and Campaign Monitor templates in CleverReach

Template Converter Use Monster Campaign Monitor CleverReach

How to easily convert your external templates to CleverReach templates:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to your dashboard and click on “Emails”
  3. Click on “Templates“
  4. Hit the upper right button “Add template“
  5. A new window pops up.
  6. Enter the name of the template
  7. Upload the template
    • in HTML/as a zip file or
    • via URL and click on „Add“.
  8. You will find the uploaded template in the CleverReach backend under “Templates” and “My Templates”. (Note: Automatically this will be your first notification). Select your new template. It’s already converted, so you can start creating your newsletter right away.
  9. Select your new template. It’s already converted, so you can start creating your newsletter right away.

2. Converting instead of rebuilding

Template Converter Converting CleverReach
  • You have purchased a newsletter template from an external provider? Or have you already set up a template for your Christmas newsletter or Black Friday specials just for your needs in another newsletter tool?
  • With the Template Converter you can convert your existing or newly purchased templates from other systems (Campaign Monitor, Template Monster) directly into a CleverReach template and use them!

That’s how easy it is to switch to CleverReach® – you simply take your templates with you. That saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to create or customize a new template.

3. Simply switch to CleverReach - it’s email marketing made easier

Template Converter Switch CleverReach

Try without risk: Test the extensive CleverReach email marketing tool with the responsive templates and seasonal templates you already have. Simply upload your template to our system. Immediately afterwards, the template can be used directly in our newsletter editor without any additional effort. Not only our Template Converter, but the entire software is easy to use:

  • No download required
  • Intuitive drag & drop editor
  • Easy recipient management
  • Visual campaign kit for email automation
  • No contractual obligations, terminable at any time

Newsletter marketing is just simple with CleverReach – give it a try!

4. Why do external templates have to be converted?

Template Converter why Convert External Templates CleverReach

The core of each newsletter software is the editor you use to edit your newsletters. CleverReach offers three different editors: The drag & drop editor couldn’t be any easier for creating awesome emails. You can also switch to an HTML or source code editor. In order to work with a template in an editor, the editor has to understand the structure of the template. Templates need a certain framework which is different for each editor. The CleverReach Template Converter easily converts the framework of external templates for the CleverReach editor to understand them – and you can keep on using them without any trouble.

Starting to get excited about this? Then simply try out a new template for your next campaign.

5. Get started for free with CleverReach!

CleverReach Newsletter Tool kostenlos testen


  • up to 250 recipients
  • and send up to 1.000 emails per month for free!

Our Lite Plan has no limited running-term. There is no setup fee and no contractual obligations.

For more emails and features, choose between our Flex, Essential or Enterprise plans. Our price plan calculator will tell you which plan is the best for you!